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You don’t need to celebrate a special occasion to book an Eiffel Tower couple photo session. Jenna & Justin simply wanted to have romantic photos in Paris to celebrate their love and to have a beautiful keepsake of their trip to the city of love. Our French photographer in Paris, Jordan, at The Parisian Photographer will now tell you everything about this romantic couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower:

Why booking an professional photo shoot in Paris?

Jenna & Justin reached out to schedule an Eiffel Tower couple photo session for “no special occasion”, as they said. And they are completely right: An Eiffel Tower couple photo session in Paris does not require any particular special occasion. At The Parisian Photographers we do not only take pictures of your Paris engagement, Paris proposal, Paris honeymoon, Paris wedding anniversary or Paris elopement. Many of our couples and clients book us for a simple Paris couple photoshoot, Paris family photo session or Paris solo photo shoot.

There are are many good reason for a photo session in Paris: creating a beautiful keepsake of your family trip in Paris, trying a fun new experience with your love ones, capturing romantic photos with your Paris lovers photoshoot, having new pictures to feed your blog or Instagram or business portfolio – and so much more.

Many couples decide for a Paris photo session because they are getting engaged or are celebrating a wedding anniversary. But you actually don’t need any special occasion to have an Eiffel Tower couple photo session with The Parisian Photographers. Just like Jenna & Justin, they simply wanted to have romantic photos in Paris to celebrate their love and to bring back beautiful memories from their trip to the city of love.

Which duration for your Eiffel Tower couple photo session?

Before booking me as their Eiffel Tower photographer in Paris, Jenna asked me if I could offer a very short 20 minutes photo shoot. Until then at The Parisian Photographers packages for your Paris photo session that tased at least 45 minutes. However it is important to us that we adjust our packages to your need. And we understand that you might have not much time in Paris and want to do as many things as possible.

That’s why we adapted our offer and created a new mini photoshoot package for short time visitors in Paris: you can now book us for a 20-30 minutes mini photo session at the Eiffel Tower. But keep in mind: The more time we have together, the more pictures we from different angles, with different backdrops and at different photoshoot locations in Paris.

In the end Jenna & Justin booked a 45 minutes Eiffel Tower couple photo session as it gave us more time to shoot romantic lovers photos of them with different backdrops. We met early in the morning at sunrise and had beautiful light for their couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower Trocadero.

Loving their Eiffel Tower couple photos

Jenna & Justin had so much fun during their casual Eiffel Tower couple photo session in Paris – as you can see on their Eiffel Tower couple pictures. They felt very comfortable in front of my camera. But no worries, most of our clients are not used to pose. So as your experienced Paris photographer I am happy to guide you during the photo shoot.

As professional photographer in Paris I deeply enjoy the process of getting to know my couples and clients: At first we meet each other as “strangers”, then I do my best to make you feel comfortable and beautiful, and you slowly open up to the camera, to myself as your Paris photographer and ultimately, to yourself. To me, this moment is priceless: it goes even beyond the picture itself and reaches an even deeper place of a unique human experience.

This is what Jenna & Justin said about their Eiffel Tower couple photo session in Paris: “Thank you so much, Jordan, we are amazed by how well our Paris couple pictures turned out. You are an amazing and talented photographer in Paris! Thank you for gifting us with these precious memories of our romantic trip to Paris – we appreciate it!! We can’t wait to share all these beautiful couple photos with our family and friends!”

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