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A professional Eiffel Tower family photo session is a great idea when you are traveling to Paris for a family vacation and want to create beautiful keepsakes of your family time in Paris. Also during a Paris family photo session we can take group portrait pictures of the entire family as well as solo photos of all individual family member.

Last minute availability for your Paris photoshoot

Starsha got in touch with us to schedule an Eiffel Tower family photo session. It was a last minute request so she wasn’t sure if it was still possible. But of course it was! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to The Parisian Photographers even if only a few days or even the day before. As a team of local photographers based in Paris we usually have availability even for a last minute Paris photo session. As The Parisian Photographers we will do our best to find a time slot for you, usually at least one photographer of our team is available. We all have many years of experience and love what we are doing. 

When Starsha reached out Jordan, our French photographer in Paris at The Parisian Photographers, was free and excited to capture this Eiffel Tower family photo session in Paris. And here Jordan will tell you everything about this Paris family photoshoot:

Paris family and solo portraits at the Eiffel Tower

Starsha thought that it was a great idea to take pictures of her family – husband and two daughters – while traveling to Paris, including some graduation pictures of her eldest daughter.

A Paris Eiffel Tower family photo session is a unique opportunity of capturing both group and single pictures. As professional Paris photographer I am really flexible to what you need: we can do Paris family portraits with the entire family, we can do solo photos of the individual family members, we can shoot smaller groups such as mother daughter photos, father daughter, parents etc. – and we can also do a bit of everything. Just share with me how you envision your Eiffel Tower family photo session and we’ll create beautiful Paris family portraits according to your wishes. Starsha decided to have a bit of everything for her Eiffel Tower family photo session.

Like most parents with small children, Starsha and her husband were a bit nervous to have a professional family photo session in Paris with their 3-year-old daughter. They were afraid that she would be tired from waking up early or grumpy during their Paris photoshoot. Because we had scheduled their Eiffel Tower family photo session in the early morning to beat crowds and avoid harsh lighting around noon. But don’t worry, as experienced Paris family photographer I am used to working with small kids – and I am very patient and understandable.

As a little warm up I usually start your family photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower with group portrait pictures of the entire family. Then will break it down to smaller groups such as parents, mother daughter, siblings etc. When everybody feels a bit more relaxed in front of the camera, we will go ahead and shoot solo portrait photos of all individual family members. When your kids are getting tired, they can relax and rest for a moment, while I focus on the rest of the family or shoot a few couple pictures of the parents. This approach usually works very well. And actually Starsha’s youngest daughter was in a great mood. She even loved having her pictures taken and was really cute.

Eiffel Tower family photo session

As we met early in the morning for Starsha’s Eiffel Tower family photoshoot we were able to avoid crowds at the Eiffel Tower. If there are not so many other people around it is also a lot easier to relaxe and feel comfortable in front of the camera. Trocadero square provides fantastic views on the Eiffel Tower and is therefore a very famous and popular location in Paris. It starts to get busy from mid to late morning, and will be very crowded and packed in the afternoon and evening – especially during travel season.

Starsha’s Eiffel Tower family photo session in Paris happened on a cloudy day. The weather can change very quickly in Paris. It is therefore very hard to predict in advance how the weather on the day of your Paris photoshoot. The weather forecast will give you a good idea 1-2 days before, but is not always completely reliable. But don’t worry, we are able to take your pictures with almost any weather. Every weather has its advantages: As English speaking photographer I enjoy sunny days to play with backlight; I like cloudy days because the lighting is very soft which brings a poetic touch to the pictures; snowy days for its magic; (slightly)raining because it is very romantic and also there won’t be many other people around – Paris is ours! 

Starsha and her family was so happy about the pictures of their Eiffel Tower family photoshoot that they booked another Paris photo session with a little later, which is the greatest compliment. This is what she said about her experience with The Parisian Photographers: “Thank you so much for our beautiful Paris family portrait photographs! We really enjoyed our family vacation in Paris. And thanks to you we will have these beautiful family portraits in Paris as a reminder. You are such a talented Paris family photographer!”

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