Eiffel Tower family photoshoot


This sunrise Eiffel Tower family photoshoot enabled Devika & her son to create priceless memories to remember his first trip to Paris together as mother and son forever. Our French photographer in Paris, Jordan at The Parisian Photographers planner their family photoshoot in Paris and will now share his experienced with you:

Eiffel Tower family photoshoot at sunrise

Devika contacted me as she wanted to schedule an Eiffel Tower family photoshoot with herself and her 11 year old son. It was the first time for her son to visit Paris. So what could be a better way than taking Paris family pictures to remember this special mother son trip forever. A family photo shoot in Paris is a great opportunity to capture both: Paris portrait photos of the whole family as well as Paris solo pictures of every single family member. As your professional family photographer in Paris I am flexible how many family group photos or individual portraits you need.

Devika wanted to take sunrise family pictures at the Eiffel Tower. Together we decided that their Eiffel Tower photo session would take place at the most famous location: Trocadero square. Trocadero is a great Eiffel Tower photo shoot location, because the square is located on a hill. It is therefore a stunning location for your Eiffel Tower photo session because of the great views it provides. Trocadero square also has balconies and stairs – so many great spots to use for your Eiffel Tower photo session. As local family photographer in Paris I especially love the balconies and stairs for an Eiffel Tower family photoshoot, as these spots allow a playful approach and kids love it there.

The only important thing is to start your Eiffel Tower family photoshoot at Trocadero as early as possible to avoid crowd and harsh lightning from late morning to afternoon. As Trocadero square is a public place, everyone can come and take pictures at this famous location. So the earlier we meet there the easier to take pictures of you with nobody else in the background. Trocadero is also a great and safe Eiffel Tower photoshoot location as the square is closed for cars. 

Elegant Paris family pictures in winter

Devika & her son travelled to Paris and had their Eiffel Tower family photoshoot in winter. So the biggest challenge were the cold temperature outdoors. But the advantages of a winter photo session in Paria are: There are even less people outside and you have Trocadero practically for yourself. Plus sun is not rising extremely early. So we only need to start at around 8-8.45 AM instead of around 5.45-6.30 AM in the middle of summer.

But no worries, if you are really not a morning person or don’t think that you can get your kids ready for such an early Eiffel Tower family photoshoot, then we can schedule your photo session a little bit later in the morning or in the evening, ideally at a different and less busy Eiffel Tower photoshoot location.

Another advantage of a winter photo session in Paris is the special lighting that we can only get at this time of the year. Look at the beautiful winter sunrise on the Paris family pictures of Devika & her son. Sunrises at the Eiffel Tower in summer are also beautiful, but not as spectacular and breathtaking as these winter sunrises.

Loving their Eiffel Tower family photographs

After some general guidance, I first started Devika & her sons Eiffel Tower family photoshoot with mother son group pictures and then took some solo pictures of each of them. As their Paris family photographer for hire I really enjoyed how deep the connection between Devika & her son and how can see it on their photos. I am happy that they will cherish this experience and family pictures for a lifetime.

This is what Devika said about her Eiffel Tower family photo session in Paris with me: “This was the best money spent. Jordan captured this magical moment in my life with my son. He grows up so fast, so these photos are priceless to me. Do yourself a favor and book a Paris photo session with The Parisian Photographers. You’ll never regret it. My son and I had the most amazing experience with our Paris photographer Jordan during our trip to Paris. He made everything so easy. We were blessed with a beautiful sunrise and you can’t even tell that it was cold. Can’t recommend this experience enough. The most treasured memories.”

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