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This adorable family photo session in Paris will make you want to take Eiffel Tower family portraits when your travel to Paris next time with your loved ones. It truly is a perfect way of creating beautiful memories that will last forever. Lucia, our local Paris photographer from The Parisian Photographers, will now give you some tips and advice for your Paris family photoshoot:

Eiffel Tower family portraits photo session

I met Kelly, Adam & their kids on a beautiful sunny day in Paris for their Eiffel Tower family portraits. The family was traveling to different places in Europe and also stopped for a few days in Paris France. When Kelly contacted me, she explained to me that one of her biggest dreams was to see the Eiffel Tower for the first time. Finally she was able to make her dream come true together with her husband, the love of her life, her two small children and her parents. She was so happy.

When they were planning their Paris family vacation, Kelly knew for sure that she wanted a photo shoot in Paris to take Eiffel Tower family portraits. As both of there children were still were small the couple decided to only schedule a very short photo session in Paris, so that their kids would not get too exhausted taking Eiffel Tower family portraits. Of course their family photoshoot had to take place at the Eiffel Tower. As their local Paris photographer I suggested Trocadero square for their family photo session at the Eiffel Tower because the view from there is stunning.

It was so much fun to take Eiffel Tower family portraits of Kelly & Adam an their two adorable little children. Their baby son Jimmy was barely 8 months old and their little daughter was all smiles. Both children were so sweet and full of energy. Taking Paris pictures of parents and their children is a great pleasure for me as a professional photographer in Paris. Because I love giving capturing these precious moments and create keepsakes of their family trip to Paris that they can treasure all their lives. 

Paris family photoshoot with children

When I am shooting a family photo shoot in Paris with a baby or toddler, I know that I have to work quickly and efficiently, because small kids get distracted very easily. Kelly’s parents were also present during our Paris family photo shoot. They were so nice and helped me a lot to getting to the attention of the children to look into the camera or pulling faces to make them laugh and smile. That was a very fun shoot: the grandparents made fun or sang their favourites songs behind me while I took the pictures. 

My pro tip if you are planning a Paris family photo session with your small children: Bring their favourite toys or stuffed animal. This can be useful in many ways: your children can feel reassured by the presence of these familiar objects. They can play with it while we take pictures without them, for example while taking a few couple photos of only the parents. We can also use these toys or stuffed animals while shooting, in order to get their attention and look towards the camera.

As an experienced family photographer in Paris, I also advise you to bring something to drink and some snacks. If your children are thirsty or a little hungry during your Paris family photo shoot, you will be ready and we won’t have to stop our photo session.

Kelly & Adam chose to dress in matching colors for their Eiffel Tower family portraits. This is a great idea for a family photo shoot. Kelly chose burgundy red for her dress and her baby’s pants. Adam and their little daughter wore white and light neutral colors. During our Paris family photo session, we also took the time to take some couple photos.  Because your Paris family photoshoot is also an opportunity to create a few beautiful couple pictures.

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