Eiffel Tower maternity photoshoot


This Eiffel Tower maternity photoshoot will make you want to travel to Paris to create beautiful pregnancy portrait pictures in the city of love if you are expecting. Marcus, professional Paris photographer from The Parisian Photographers, shoot these beautiful photos at sunrise at the Eiffel Tower and will now tell you more about this Paris maternity photo session:

Eiffel Tower maternity photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower

Samira & her husband enjoyed a romantic trip to Paris. And as they expecting their first baby they wanted to use the chance to book an Eiffel Tower maternity photoshoot in Paris. They were looking for an intimate, romantic and genuine Paris pregnancy photo shoot. Of course Paris maternity pictures in front of iconic Parisian monuments like the Eiffel Tower was a must. They actually had an Eiffel Tower maternity photoshoot at sunrise in mind.

As the couple was choosing to wear elegant and classic outfits for their Eiffel Tower maternity photoshoot I knew the prefect place to shoot. As their professional Eiffel Tower photographer in Paris I recommended to have an Eiffel Tower photo session to create their Paris maternity pictures.

We met on a beautiful spring morning with a perfectly clear sky. The view was a real joy. However the temperatures were not yet up to par and it was very chilly. So as long as we were shooting pregnancy pictures on the windy view platform of Trocadero square I kept Samirah & her husband on the move. As their English speaking photographer in Paris I would also hand them their jackets as soon as the shot was done, so that they could warm up a bit before getting in position for the next photo. 

Once we went away from the main Trocadero square the wind was not as strong and cold anymore. So we could take more time without freezing in order to create the intimate look that they wanted for their Eiffel Tower maternity photoshoot. As their local Paris photographer for hire I took Paris couple pictures of the two of them, as well as solo pregnancy portrait photos mainly of Samirah and her cute baby bump.

Paris pregnancy photo session in springtime

The soft and gentle light in the morning was our ally. While Samirah could take a short break and warm up in her coat, we made our way down to the iconic Eiffel Tower staircase and afterwards to the Eiffel Tower fountain to take some more Paris pregnancy photos. That early in the morning we were pretty much on our own and could fully enjoy the Eiffel Tower area for our Paris photo session.

We really had a great Paris pregnancy photo session together – in spite of the freezing temperatures. Our maternity photo session was almost reaching the end. But there was one more thing I wanted us to do. It was the first week of April and the cherry blossom trees in Trocadéro Gardens were in full bloom. Cherry blossoms in Paris are so beautiful, so we needed to seize the opportunity and took some romantic couple photos near the cherry blossom trees and the Eiffel Tower in the background.

After that we wrapped up our Paris photo session – and we were all ready for some hot coffee or hot chocolate to warm up. As their local Paris photographer I told Samirah where they could find a cute Parisian street Cafe, which was already open this early in the morning. The City of Love was still just about to wake up and was only waiting to be explored. 

It was a great pleasure working with this lovely couple. This is what Samirah said about her Paris maternity photo session at the Eiffel Tower: “The Paris pregnancy photos are absolutely beautiful!!! You did an amazing job, Marcus. Thank you so much – these are memories captured that we will cherish for a lifetime. Thank you once again for everything. I’ll be sure to recommend you and The Parisian Photographer to other friends and family when planning a photo session in Paris.”

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