Eiffel Tower photography session

When in Paris an Eiffel Tower photography session is a wonderful way to create beautiful keepsakes of your romantic trip to Paris and also a great occasion to simply have professional couple pictures taken that you can treasure forever.

Romantic Eiffel Tower photography session in winter

You can plan an Eiffel Tower photography session anytime of the year – even in winter. In order to feel comfortable for your Eiffel Tower couple photography session outdoors in Paris we recommend a few things as your professional Paris couple photographers: First schedule an Eiffel Tower photography session that is not too long, so that the cold temperatures don’t become unbearable. During a short couple photoshoot we need to focus on one Paris photoshoot location or one area in Paris.

Onur and his girlfriend traveled to Paris in December and wanted an Eiffel Tower photoshoot for their couple photoshoot in Paris. They were also looking for a romantic and casual vibe. So as their local photographers in Paris we recommended Bir Hakim bridge with a great view on the Eiffel Tower and the Seine riverside for some laidback and romantic Paris couple photos. The couple had booked a 1 hour Paris couple photo session which was just enough time to cover this area around the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower couple photoshoot in Paris

If you are traveling to Paris in winter we also always recommend the following for your Eiffel Tower photography session: Wear outfits that are appropriate for the season and/ or bring enough clothes and extra layers to put on in case you are starting to freeze. As your experienced Eiffel Tower photographers in Paris we made the experience that if our clients only wear summer clothes for their Eiffel Tower photography session in winter they will of course freeze and also the result of your Paris couple photos may not be as great.

Because when you are freezing during your Paris couple photoshoot you can possible get all tense. Then you might for instance pull up your shoulders, have your hands in fists, hug yourself with your arms – so your posture and movements won’t look natural or relaxed on your photos. Your skin may also turn red from the cold, which also doesn’t look so pretty on your Paris couple photos. So rather wear something for your Eiffel Tower photography session in winter that you feel comfortable and warm enough in when temperatures are low.

Onur’s girlfriend for example wore a romantic lace skirt and top with a flower crown. But she made sure that her top had long sleeves, she also wore boots and brought a cute oversize cardigan that she wore on top of her lace dress when she felt a bit cold. Luckily on the day of our Eiffel Tower photography session we had really nice weather. It was cold but also sunny and we all really enjoyed to walk around the Eiffel Tower for their Paris couple photoshoot.

Loving their Eiffel Tower photography session

This is what Onur said about their Eiffel Tower photography session and experience with The Parisian Photographers for their romantic couple photoshoot in Paris: “It was amazing to work with the great team of The Parisian Photographers for our Eiffel Tower photography session in Paris. We really wanted some great Paris couple photos at the Eiffel Tower during our romantic trip to Paris. But we are both not very comfortable in front of a camera. So before our Paris couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower we were both a bit nervous. But on the day of our Eiffel Tower photography session in Paris our English speaking Paris photographer put us at ease very quickly.”

“He guided us with poses and we just felt comfortable with him We didn’t feel awkward anymore having our couple pictures in Paris taken, it almost felt natural and we actually had a lot of fun! So our Eiffel Tower photography session really become a pleasant moment that we will always remember! Especially thanks to the wonderful Paris couple photos our French photographer took of us in Paris! We are more than happy and recommend The Parisian Photographers to anyone wanting an Paris couple photography session at the Eiffel Tower!”

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