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There are many different locations that you can use for your Eiffel Tower photoshoot. Trocadero may be the most popular area for your Eiffel Tower photo session, but by far not the only beautiful place with a great view on the Eiffel Tower for your Paris photo shoot. As your Eiffel Tower photographer let us show you our favorite locations that we love shooting as your Paris based photographers.

Which Eiffel Tower locations are great for your photoshoot ?

Bir-Hakeim Bridge: You can enjoy a great view on the Eiffel Tower from this beautiful double layer bridge. Bir-Hakeim bridge has a balcony facing the Eiffel Tower that we love using for your photoshoot.

Eiffel Tower riverside: There is a beautiful stretch of the Seine riverbanks between Trocadero and Bir-Hakeim bridge. At the riverside you have an open view at the Eiffel Tower from up close. And this locations is pretty quiet.

Champs de Mars: The large park called Champs de Mars starts at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and stretches out far. It is basically an enormous lawn in the middle (that’s why it’s called “fields” in French) and a park-like area on the sides.

Eiffel Tower street views: There are a few streets in the area from where you can see the Eiffel Tower and at the same time enjoy the backdrop of a typical Parisian street (think cobble stone, elegant lampposts, Parisian architecture) for your Eiffel Tower photoshoot.

OUR TOP-TIP: As Bir-Hakeim is a double layer bridge it is a great location for your Eiffel Tower photoshoot, in case the weather is not great. Standing on the bridge you will be covered by the second layer and protected from the rain.

Which Eiffel Tower photoshoot works great at these locations?

Engagement photo session / couple photo shoot: YES
All Eiffel Tower locations that we mentioned can be used for your Paris engagement or couple photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower.

Surprise proposal: YES
Except of the Eiffel Tower street views you can use all other Eiffel Tower locations for your surprise proposal in Paris. Bir-Hakeim bridge provides the best view, but the riverside is more quiet in case you would appreciate more privacy for your Paris surprise proposal.

Family photo session: YES
All Eiffel Tower locations work great for your family photo session in Paris. We especially like to make a stop at a Parisian Café with families. Because kids (and actually parents alike) love to get a hot chocolate and croissant and big smiles are guaranteed.

Paris elopement wedding: YES
You can plan your Paris elopement wedding photos at all Eiffel Tower locations. For your Paris elopement officiant ceremony our top recommendation is the Eiffel Tower riverside as it is the most quiet and intimate Eiffel Tower location. Bir-Hakeim bridge is also great for the view, but it is busier there.

Solo photo session: YES
Any of these locations can be used for your solo photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower. As your local photographers in Paris we love shooting Personal branding photos at the riverside or in a Parisian Café. Fashion photoshoots, Paris blogger photo sessions and quinceanera photos are great at Bir-Hakeim bridge.

What time is best for your Eiffel Tower photoshoot?

Sunrise & Morning: YES
The best time for your Eiffel Tower photoshoot is sunrise and morning time, the earlier the better. The Eiffel Tower locations are popular among travelers and locals alike. So let’s schedule your Paris photo session here as early as we can to beat the crowds.

Afternoon: YES
It is also possible to shoot at these Eiffel Tower locations in the afternoon, the riverside works best at this time of day. However be aware that it will be busy, so it only works if you don’t mind that there may be many passersby. Better avoid afternoon shoots at the Eiffel Tower in summer, it’s too crowded!

Evening & sunset: YES
If you want to take sunset photos at the Eiffel Tower and night photos when the Eiffel Tower is sparkling, then Bir-Hakeim bridge is your best choice for your Eiffel Tower photoshoot.

What season is best for your photo session at the Eiffel Tower?

Spring: YES
All Eiffel Tower locations work equally well for your Paris photo shoot in spring.

Summer: YES
All Eiffel Tower locations work equally well for your summer photo session in Paris.

Autumn: YES
There are some nice spots near Bir-Hakeim bridge and in some Eiffel Tower streets if you like autumn foliage and want to have a photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower including autumn leaves.

Winter: YES
We love to catch a great sunrise in winter from Bir-Hakeim bridge or at the Eiffel Tower riverside.

Which other photo shoot locations are nearby?

Within walking distance

The closest locations for your Eiffel Tower photo session (LINK) are still in the same area around the Eiffel Tower, so you will still have a view on the iconic building.

Trocadero place: The most famous location for Eiffel Tower photo shoots, as Trocadero place is located on a hill and works like a Eiffel Tower view platform. Check more details here: Eiffel Tower photo session at Trocadero.

Eiffel Tower gardens & fountain: The Eiffel Tower gardens and fountain are in the same area as Trocadero place but more laid back and intimate while still providing great views. Find more information here: Eiffel Tower photo session at Trocadero area.

Eiffel Tower Cafes: There are few romantic Parisian Cafés near Bir-Hakeim bridge and Champs de Mars. Cafés are great locations to get some additional and more casual, romantic or fun shots – and they are so Parisian. However you won’t have an Eiffel Tower view.

Only a short ride away

You can reach several other Paris locations for your photo shoot with a short uber, cab or taxi ride:

Alexander III bridge: The view from this bridge on the Eiffel Tower is from further away than the view from Bir-Hakeim bridge. But Alexander III bridge is more elegant with golden statues and Parisian lampposts. Perfect for a Paris bridge photoshoot.

Concorde Fountain: In the same area as Alexander III bridge, Concorde fountain is a beautiful place for a few additional shots. Find photos here: Alexander III bridge photoshoot.

Golden Gate: The Golden Gate is located near one end of Alexander III bridge and a very elegant location for your photoshoot in Paris.

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