Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography

This Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography session is surely a dream for many girls. And English speaking Paris photographers we had so much fun working with Deandra and her parents to make her dream Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography come true. Hear from Deandra’s parents what the inspiration of their Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography session was and how they planned their Paris Quinceanera pictures.

Planning a Quinceanera photo session in Paris

Jo Anna, Deandra’s mothers said: “My daughter Deandra has always dreamed about being Cinderella and having a Paris themed Quinceañera photography shoot. However she never imagined that it would be like this. Celebrating a young girls life at her 15th birthday is a beautiful Latin tradition by giving her a big fiesta and celebrating with her family and friends that she is becoming a young Latin women.”

“But like the fairytale of Cinderella, this fiesta ends at Midnight. So her father and I took it a step further. Instead of giving her a Paris themed Quinceañera photo session, we actually brought her to Paris and had a true Paris Quinceañera photoshoot. To take photos of Deandra like Cinderella in her beautiful Quinceañera dress, I wanted a great and experienced Paris photographer for this special occasion.”

“But as we have never been to Paris, I did not know who to contact for our Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography session. A good friend told me about an English speaking photographer in Paris that a friend used and she was very happy with her Paris photo session. So I got in touch with The Parisian Photographers and I was so thankful about this great team of French photographers based in Paris. Booking The Parisian Photographers months in advance, they were able to help me with any questions I had about Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography. They were also able to guide me in what I needed to arrange before the big day.”

Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography

“When we got to our first Eiffel Tower photo session location, the Trocadero square, the view on the Eiffel Tower was just breathtaking and perfect for Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography. During the Paris photo session our Paris photographer gave our daughter some guidance what to do and how to pose and really made it so much fun for her. And our photographer in Paris also got her father Richard and I in the photos and then took us to two other Paris locations that also were just beautiful.”

“We had such a great Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photography session with The Parisian Photographers. And the turnaround was quick: Only two days later they said that the Paris Quinceanera photos were ready to view and forwarded us the link to the picture gallery. We were just taken away by the beauty he captured. My daughter and I just cried. We could not believe how gorgeous the pictures came out. My daughter is a beautiful young lady already and our Paris photographer just made her glow.”

Loving their Eiffel Tower Quinceanera photos

“If you are planning a trip to Paris and want a professional Paris photographer, then you need to get in touch with The Parisian Photographers. They are amazing in capturing those beautiful moments. We plan to come back to Paris again and when we do, The Parisian Photographers will be the one we request to take our photos.”

“We are truly blessed to have met The Parisian Photographers. This was a Parisian Quinceañera like no other and Deandra will always remember the Eiffel Tower photo session with you for a life time! Thank you sooo much for making our little girl’s dream even better than a Cinderella fairytale. You will forever be her Prince Charming that made her dreams come true.”

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