Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal

An Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal is probably one of the most romantic things ever. Just look at these romantic surprise proposal and engagement photos in Paris to get inspired for your own photo session in the city of love. Maybe your Paris photoshoot will even turn out to be an Eiffel Tower surprise proposal.

Proposing in Paris at the Eiffel Tower

Ben contacted us several month in advance to photograph one of those special moments that we love shooting so much: an Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal during their stay in Paris! Of course he had many questions how to plan his Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal and engagement photoshoot. And as experienced Paris proposal photographers we of coursed helped him with a lot if tips and advice.

First we chose the location together: As Ben wanted a view on the Eiffel Tower as local Eiffel Tower photographers we suggested Trocadero place because the view from there is simply the most stunning. This was exactly what Ben had in mind for his romantic Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal. He also wanted a couple of other elegant Paris photoshoot locations to keep going with an engagement photo session in Paris after he had proposed at the Eiffel Tower. We suggest the Eiffel Tower Seine riverside for a few romantic couple photos and Alexander III bridge for elegant engagement pictures.

Sunrise surprise proposal in Paris

After choosing the photoshoot locations we had to agree on a meeting time. Ben really wanted the Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal to be as romantic and intimate as possible. So he agreed to meet very early in the morning at sunrise time to have the best conditions for his Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal.

Now we just need to come up with a plan how to keep the Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal a secret. As his Paris based professional photographers we played to be total strangers to each other on the day of the Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal. We had agreed on a sign that singled him that they were standing in the good position so that we could captures beautiful Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal photos. So he dropped down on his knee and proposed to his beautiful and completely surprised fiancée. We then told her about everything and continued with an Paris engagement photo shoot to immortalize this beautiful day.

Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal photos

This is what Ben said about his experience with The Parisian Photographers and about his Eiffel Tower sunrise surprise proposal: “I had an enagegement photo session booked with The Parisian Photographers on a spring morning and that is when I proposed to my now fiancée. I am so happy I booked this Paris surprise proposal photography session with this great team of Paris photographers. They helped me plan my engagement to make it perfect for my fiancé. She was so surprised and happy and now we have memories we can share with family and friends.”

“Our Paris proposal photographer met as at sunrise at 7am at the Eiffel Tower. It was a chilly morning but it was a great idea because when I proposed and when we took Paris engagement pictures it was quiet and empty and we didn’t have to worry about people in our pictures.”

“This was our first photoshoot so me and my fiancé didn’t know how to pose or what to do and our Paris photographer gave us wonderful ideas and always asked for our input. Our photographer in Paris spoke English very well and was super friendly and professional. I would most definitely book The Parisian Photographers again. I would recommend The Parisian Photographers for sure, you will not be disappointed with their work!”

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