Eiffel Tower surprise engagement


This Eiffel Tower surprise engagement will make you want to get engaged in Paris as soon as you can. As your English speaking Eiffel Tower photographers we are happy to help you planning a Paris surprise proposal and engagement photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower and other Paris photoshoot locations. But first get inspired by Melissa & Domenic’s Eiffel Tower surprise engagement and Trocadero photo session.

Eiffel Tower surprise engagement on her birthday

Melissa & Domenic traveled to Paris for the first time and wanted to immortalize this romantic lovers trip to the city of love with a couple photo session at the Eiffel Tower Trocadero. Moreover they were celebrating Melissa’s birthday while staying in Paris. And as Melissa loves taking pictures, this Eiffel Tower couple photoshoot was the perfect birthday gift for her anyway.

You may ask: How could they make this day even more magical? Actually Domenic had secretly planned to give Melissa another very special birthday gift during their Eiffel Tower photoshoot: an engagement ring. Shortly after we started our photo session at Trocadero, Domenic got down on one knee and asked her the words she had been dreaming to hear: “Will you marry me?” Melissa was of course more than surprise and happily said: “Yes!”

Planning an Eiffel Tower surprise engagement

So our Paris couple photo session turned into a Eiffel Tower surprise engagement photoshoot. Of course Domenic had talked to me about his secret plan beforehand. As his local Paris photographer I helped him plan their Eiffel Tower surprise engagement with many tips and advice. We had the excuse of a birthday photoshoot so that Melissa would not suspect anything. And as their experienced Paris proposal photographer I had agreed with Dominic on a keyword. When I would say this keyword during our photo session, he would know that they were standing at the perfect place for him to propose. This way I was able to capture their Eiffel Tower surprise engagement perfectly. Great Paris proposal photos but without spoiling the surprise!

After the Eiffel Tower surprise engagement we went on with the photoshoot as planned. They wanted to have several locations at the Eiffel Tower, especially Trocadero square and Trocadero stairs. Melissa also could not decide for one outfit for her Eiffel Tower surprise engagement photo session. She brought two dresses – a short white dress and a pink high low dress. So we included a wardrobe change into her photo session so that she was able to wear both outfits.

Loving their surprise engagement photos

As their English speaking Paris photographer for hire I was so happy that the Eiffel Tower surprise engagement worked out just as Domenic had imagined for Melissa’s birthday. It was so lovely to see Melissa’s reaction: All her surprise, joy and happiness and it was great to capture these emotions. I am also glad that the two of them loved the result. Their Eiffel Tower surprise engagement photos will always remind them of this special day in Paris.

Melissa & Domenic said about their Eiffel surprise engagement photoshoot with Pamela from The Parisian Photographers: “Thank you so very much, Pamela, for capturing this special moment for us – our Eiffel Tower surprise engagement in Paris! We will never forget this day – also thanks to you and the beautiful Paris proposal photos that you took of us. We felt so very comfortable with you during our Paris photo session. You were guiding us with poses when we needed help but also left us space to just be ourselves. Pamela, you are such a pro! Not only a very talented Paris photographer but also a wonderful person.”

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