Eiffel Tower wedding photo session


An Eiffel Tower wedding photo session in Paris is a great way to have your wedding pictures taken in Paris. It does not matter if you are really getting married or eloping in Paris with a Paris celebrant ceremony. You can also already be a married couple and simply bring your wedding outfits to your Eiffel Tower wedding photo session. Or you can also plan an Eiffel Tower wedding photo session before your actual wedding, to have photos of the two of you for your invitation cards or to showcase at your wedding reception. We call this a Paris pre-wedding photoshoot.

The couple Sofia & Angel booked Damien, Paris based photographer at The Parisian Photographers, for an Eiffel Tower wedding photo session. Damien will now tell you everything about this Paris wedding photoshoot:

Eiffel Tower wedding photo session

Sofia & Angel have booked me for a one hour Eiffel Tower wedding photo session. The couple looked awesome in their wedding outfits: bride Sofia wore a long white wedding gown and groom Angel a dark blue wedding suit. As their English speaking Paris photographer I could not miss them at out meeting point. the couple is already excited for their Eiffel Tower wedding photo session in Paris to start and they are ready to have fun.

On the morning of their Eiffel Tower wedding photo session in Paris it is a bit cloudy. But as I am an experienced Eiffel Tower photographer in Paris, that kind of weather is no problem for me. I have enough light and the clouds look very nice in the background, especially as here and there some rays of light are coming through.

Angel & Sofia seem to be very comfortable in front of my camera. As local Paris photographer I only need to tell them where to stand for their Paris wedding photos. I also give them some ideas for poses or what they could do – for instance walking towards me, dancing, kissing.

Paris wedding shoot in bridal outfits

For many pictures the couple preferred that I guided them with poses. Poses may sometimes seem a bit static. But if you are wearing a large wedding gown like Sofia poses are often easier for the bride. Because when wearing a bridal gown for your Eiffel Tower bridal photo session that is long enough to touch the ground you cannot keep moving all the time.

So keep that in mind if you are planning an Eiffel Tower wedding photo session. It lookes absolutely beautiful to wear a long wedding dress as bride for your Paris elopement wedding photos. But first it is often not so easy to move freely in such a bridal gown. Also we will need longer for every shot as we need to arrange the dress that it is falling nicely for every pose. Second you’ll possible get your wedding dress dirty walking around in the streets of Paris for your Eiffel Tower wedding photo session. So you may have to have it cleaned afterwards.

Paris wedding photos at the Louvre

Angel & Sofia are having so much fun that they don’t want to stop their photo shoot after just one hour. The Eiffel Tower was not enough for them. They also would like to go to the Louvre. So they ask me, their professional Paris photographer, if they can book me for one more hour. As I had no other clients booked after the couple I was happy to take their Paris wedding photographs during one more hour at the Louvre.

And so we take a cab and 20 minutes later we are at the Louvre. The light has gotten even more magical. At the beautiful Louvre palace Angel & Sofia in their gorgeous wedding outfits must feel like in a fairy tale. And I am so happy that they loved their Paris elopement pictures that I took of their during their Louvre and Eiffel Tower wedding photo session.

If you have some specific ideas about the Paris elopement wedding pictures you want to do in Paris, just let us know and we’ll give you some advice as your experienced Paris elopement photographers. Wearing a big gown is not compulsory. The most important thing is to relax and be yourself. Then, with our help, you can create your own beautiful Paris wedding photos.

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