Family Eiffel Tower photos

It is fun to take family Eiffel Tower photos with a professional Eiffel Tower photographer in Paris. Family Eiffel Tower photos are also the best keepsake you can bring back home from your family trip to Paris. Get inspired by the Eiffel Tower family photo session of Sabrina and her two children.

How to have great family Eiffel Tower photos

As your local Paris family photographers we always try to include a variety of shots and poses into your Paris family photo session to make it fun for everybody: Of course classic Paris family portraits are a must. Meaning family Eiffel Tower with all family members looking at the camera. These are the shoots that many of our clients would print, frame and put up in their home. For Sabrina’s family photo session that was her, the mother, her son and daughter.

Then we take Paris portrait pictures of each family members. Here we mix between classic portraits and fun photos if you are open for it. Sabrina’s son for example was a big Michael Jackson fan and started to dance on Trocadero. We were able to get some really great shots of him moonwalking. But not everybody moves that freely in front of a camera. Sabrina and her daughter for instance preferred to take their family Eiffel Tower photos portraits simply by sitting instead of performing anything.

Finally we take family Eiffel Tower photos with combinations of family members, for instance mother and daughter photos, mother and son pictures, brother and sister portraits, and so on. And of course as your English speaking Paris photographer we are happy to help you with guidance for poses and ideas what to do in front of our lense. For instance for Sabrina’s family Eiffel Tower photos they were walking hand in hand, looking at each other, leaning against each other or telling each other jokes.

Family photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower

Sabrina contacted us from the US Virgin Islands to arrange a family photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower with us. She loved Trocadero as a photoshoot location for her family Eiffel Tower photos. As her Paris based photographers we recommended to meet there early in the morning to avoid crowds and enjoy great light for their Paris photo session.

We know that getting up early can be hard, especially for a family with kids. But it will make the photo session at the Eiffel Tower also so much easier for them. Because when there are crowds of people already on Trocadero looking at you during your photoshoot, it will be so much harder and many kids get really shy. So better meeting early at the Eiffel Tower and enjoying a more intimate moment for your family Eiffel Tower photos.

Moreover as Sabrina’s photoshoot took place so early, they were able to enjoy a day at Disneyland Paris after their family Eiffel Tower photos, which made everyone happy, mom & kids!

Loving her family Eiffel Tower photos

This is what Sabrina said about her family Eiffel Tower photos in Paris and her experience with her Paris family photographer from The Parisian Photographers: “I went blindly in to selecting a Paris photographer in France to take our family Eiffel Tower photos while on vacation in Paris. But let me tell you—We struck GOLD! We flew all the way to Paris from the US Virgin Islands and left with memories that will last a lifetime. The Parisian Photographers were exactly what our family needed.”

“Our Paris photographer engaged with the children immediately upon arrival making them comfortable and the Eiffel Tower photoshoot really fun! He chose the perfect locations and truly brought our vision to reality. What a dream come true! We would highly recommend The Parisian Photographers. They are organized, thoughtful, informative, helpful, and highly skilled. A true Gem!

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