Family portraits at the Eiffel Tower


If you are traveling to Paris with your family, use this change to have a professional photoshoot to capture your family portraits at the Eiffel Tower. It’s a great chance to have professional pictures of your family and also a wonderful keepsake of your family vacation in the city of lights.

Damien, Paris based photographer at The Parisian Photographers, shot these Paris themed family portraits at the Eiffel Tower and will now tell you everything about this Paris family photo session:

Booking your family portraits session in Paris

I am coming out of the Trocadero subway station, climbing up the stairs. It is 6.50 am, I’m early for my family portraits photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower. But not as early as Samantha, Will and their two kids, Jack & Maddy. The family got here a few minutes ago. Their photoshoot for family portraits at the Eiffel Tower was scheduled to start at 7 am. But as we are all already here we won’t have to wait until then. It means we’ll have extra time and can probably take more family portraits at the Eiffel Tower.

As English speaking photographer in Paris I always like spending a few minutes before starting the Paris photo session to explain the flow of the photo shoot and to give my families a few first tips and guidance how to make the photo session easy and smooth.

Samantha has contacted The Parisian Photographers one month prior to her trip to Paris to book a one hour photoshoot for family portraits at the Eiffel Tower. Usually booking one month ahead of a short photo shoot is sufficient and a local Paris photographer from our team will surely have an open time slot available.

Preparing your family Eiffel Tower photoshoot

On the day of their photoshoot for family portraits at the Eiffel Tower we have great weather: It is sunny and warm. All four family members are dressed in very chic Parisian outfits, matching colors and Paris themed vintage accessories such as red berets, red bow tie and suspenders.

In my opinion as professional Paris photographer it is important to dress well for a family portraits photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower. Because you want to make the best of your professional Paris photoshoot. And it’s also a special occasion, as you surely don’t do a photo session in Paris everyday. Moreover it will boost your confidence in front of the camera, when you know that you are all dressed well and are looking great.  

Samantha wanted me to take her family portraits at the Eiffel Tower. Trocadero is a great place for your family Eiffel Tower photo session: Because from Trocadero we have a stunning view on the Eiffel Tower. Also there is a platform, balcony, stairs, gardens and more nice spots for your family portraits photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower. That’s why Trocadero is a very popular place and can be overcrowded with tourists. So in order to beat the crowds it is the best to shoot at Trocadero early in the morning. 

On the day of our photoshoot for family portraits at the Eiffel Tower we are lucky (or perhaps we made our own luck?): We are almost alone at Trocadero and the light is very soft and warm. Great conditions for a portrait photo session.

The family has brought some Paris themed accessories such as red beret hats. This is great as it gives us variety for their family portraits at the Eiffel Tower: We can take pictures with and without hats and playing with them in different poses. As French photographer in Paris I also love the vintage style outfit of their boy Jack: His red bowtie really catches the eye and he can play with his suspenders when capturing his pictures.

Loving their family portraits at the Eiffel Tower

We are really having fun and their Eiffel Tower family photo session is flying by. I can’t wait to edit their family portraits and promise them that the pictures will be ready when they return back home from their family trip to Paris a few days later.

It was lovely meeting Samantha, Will, Jack & Maddy and I am glad that we had a great photo shoot together at the Eiffel Tower. It also makes me happy thinking about the family viewing their Paris family portraits pictures in a few years with a big smile on their faces.

This is what Samatha said about her experience with The Parisian Photographers: “Thank you so much, Damien! We just got back home and we are so happy with how the pictures came out. We love our Paris family portraits at the Eiffel Tower – what a great memory of our family trip to Paris. You’re a fantastic photographer. We’ll recommend you to our friends” 

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