Fun family pictures in Paris


If you want to take fun family pictures in Paris just book us for a family photo session and we’ll create classic family portrait as well as fun photos with your children. Marcus, professional Paris photographer at The Parisian Photographers, tool Trang & his family to the Eiffel Tower and Louvre and will now tell you everything about this fun family photo session in Paris:

Family photos at Eiffel Tower & Louvre

Trang contacted me in July because he wanted to take fun family pictures in Paris in January or February the following year. With six months in advance, as their English speaking Paris photographer I was able to offer him plenty of time slots for his Paris family photo shoot and we tentatively fixed a date in mid January. As soon as Trang had confirmed his flight, he got back to me and we booked his Paris family photo session in for January 7th

In addition to taking fun family pictures in Paris at the Eiffel Tower, Trang also wanted to have family pictures at the pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre museum. We started their Paris family photo session at Trocadéro square with a view on the Eiffel Tower. That day in January the weather was fantastic: a sunny sky with some dreamy clouds and the mild sunrise light created soft and warm colors.

The entire family was excited about their Paris photo session. Their daughter and son were looking forward to being taken into photos. Also the youngest family member, their little baby daughter, was not shy at all, but happy to pose for some fun family pictures in Paris. t soon became clear who were the real stars of this family photo shoot: the kids took over the photo session. They had so much fun jumping, playing, joking and laughing in front of my camera.

Besides the classic family portrait we took of all five family members together, we also took the time to shoot solo or couple photos at the Eiffel Tower. The iconic Eiffel Tower stair case was the perfect place to create a cute photographer of the entire family, everybody holding hands and already and walking up the stairs together.

Taking fun family pictures in Paris

We finished the Eiffel Tower photo session at Trocadéro square and it was time for us to take a ride to our next Paris photoshoot location. With 6 people altogether a common cab was too small and not a suitable means of transportation for our group. So we ordered a van via Uber which allowed us to travel as one group to the Louvre museum.

After a 10 minute ride we arrived at the Louvre museum and were able to get ready for the second part: our Louvre family photo session. It was already starting to get crowded at the Louvre. But Trang & his family was ready to follow my directions. And by using the special skills we at The Parisian Photographers are famous for, we got exactly the fun family pictures in Paris that Trang was looking for. 

The sky was getting a bit hazy but that did not bother us. The kids were unstoppable and were having a great time in front of the absolutely stunning architecture of the Louvre pyramid playing games and giggling and smiling. As their professional family photographer in Paris I also knew a nice spot where we would have the entire Louvre courtyard with it’s pyramids in the background. With a little patience we created another great Paris family portrait photo there before wrapping up the family photo session at the Eiffel tower and the Louvre.

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