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If you need inspiration for Paris photoshoot locations or elegant outfits for your engagement photoshoot, just have a look at Miriam & Manuel’s glamorous Paris couple photos. Marcus, professional photographer in Paris at The Parisian Photographers, will share with you how he managed to include so many different locations for this Paris engagement photoshoot:

Itinerary for couple photo session in Paris

Miriam was contacting me for a professional engagement photo shoot. She wanted to take glamorous Paris couple photos of her and her fiancé, Manuel, for their upcoming wedding. Miriam already had a lot of ideas what she wanted to incorporate into their glamorous Paris couple photoshoot regarding Paris photoshoot locations as well as different outfits.

We were in close touch to make a plan together, making sure we would be able to include everything she had in mind. Miriam loved so many places in Paris and wanted to take glamorous Paris couple photos at the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate, Alexandre III bridge, Concorde fountain, Louvre and Arc de Triomphe. So as their local Paris photographer I wanted to make sure that we were able to include all these beautiful photoshoot locations with best possible conditions: meaning the blue and golden morning hours.

In addition Miriam was looking for a Paris night photo session to create glamorous Paris couple photos with the sparkling Eiffel Tower. So as their experienced Paris based photographer I tailored three itineraries that may be a fit for her. In the end we decided to do a Paris couple photo session in three parts.

In Paris things look fairly close on the map but it takes quite a bit of time to get to one place to another due traffic that can be very dense. And of course, once we are at our photoshoot locations, we want to have the proper time to take the great shots we are famous for at The Parisian Photographers. 

Glamorous Paris couple photoshoot in three parts

Part 1: Sunrise pictures at Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate & Alexander III

On the day of Miriam & Manuel’s Paris engagement photoshoot the weather was excellent. The first part of our Paris couple photo session took place in the early morning hours and would lead us from Eiffel Tower Trocadéro square to the Golden Gate of Petit Palais and finally to elegant bridge Alexandre III.

Starting at the Eiffel Tower at sunrise we were able to have Trocadero view platform practically for ourselves. Miriam & Manuel are posing with beautiful sunrise light in front of the Eiffel Tower, without having to bother with too many other people around. At the Eiffel Tower fountain, we take also take the time to do some glamorous solo portraits of Miriam in her beautiful red dress. Then we take a ride to the Golden Gate and I love the color combination red and gold of Miriam’s evening gown and the elegant Golden Gate. Last stop was Alexandre third bridge before bringing this first part of their couple photo session to a conclusion.

Part 2: Morning photos at Arc de Triomphe, Concorde & Louvre

The next morning we met for the second part of their engagement photo session to create more glamorous Pars couple photos. The weather did not disappoint when we met again in the morning, this time at Arc de Triomphe. The major challenge was the traffic situation to get to our second photoshoot location: Concorde square. The beautiful Concorde fountains look fantastic in the early morning light. Another quick ride and we reach the Louvre, where we take pictures with the Louvre pyramid and in the palace courtyard.

The temperature are quite chilly that morning, so we finish the second part of their Paris couple photoshoot at Café Nemours. The couple enjoyed a cup of nice warm coffee and croissants at the Cafe terrace of this authentic Parisian Cafe, while I took pictures of them.

Part 3: Night photoshoot at sparkling Eiffel Tower

Finally the third part of our Paris engagement photoshoot took place in the evening. We met at Bir Hakeim bridge to create glamorous Paris couple photos with the illuminated sparkling Eiffel Tower by night. The bridge is a beautiful location for Paris night photos with the lit up Eiffel Tower.

To benefit even more from the sparkling Eiffel Tower by night, we walk to the Seine riverside where we finish their Paris night photo session. A very romantic way to end this great photo shoot, as the river banks are usually more quiet and a bit secluded form the rest of the city.

During our three meetings for our Paris couple photoshoot in three parts Miriam & Manuel were in a great mood and dressed in elegant outfits – ready to create glamorous Paris couple photos. And with the proper planning from my side, we were able to make all the dreams come true. So whatever you have in mind for your photoshoot in Paris, just contact The Parisian Photographer and we’ll make a great plan together.

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