Local Paris Photographer LUCIA

More about LUCIA:

Languages: English, Spanish, french

Hello, my name is Lucia, your local Paris photographer ! For me, your photo shoot in Paris is about capturing every moment and turning it into a piece of art!

I actually love to get lost in the city, exploring all its cafés and boutiques… And from the moment I arrived in Paris to study Art, I have been so impressed and in awe by the beautiful architecture and charm of its tiny cobblestone streets! In every corner, you find something magical!
So photography came naturally in my life to document my daily adventures in the city of love.

Paris is definitely on of the most beautiful cities in the world ! So it is such an honor today to share my passion for this city with the people I photograph. As a local Paris photographer, I feel like each one deserves unique and spontaneous pictures that will reveal all their authentic personality. And I love to find my inspiration in fashion photography as well as in fine arts photography.

lucia local photographer paris

Plus I know how it’s always super exciting to meet people from all over the world, to learn new words from different languages and to taste different kinds of food! And Paris allows you to do all that!

By the way, when I’m not taking pictures, you will probably find me trying some new local restaurant in town, or visiting the last exhibition at the Centre Pompidou. Paris is full of cultural life!