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When you are planning a Louvre photo session you find yourself in an area with so many options for your photoshoot. Clearly we can’t miss the Louvre pyramid and palace to take your photos there. But there are also the Tuileries gardens, the royal palace and the riverside not far away. So you will be spoiled for choice when shooting in this area. Apart of that there are a few things you need to know when planning your photo shoot at the Louvre. As your Parisian photographers we are happy to share our insights with you:

Why is the Louvre a great area for your photo session?

Louvre Pyramid: The Louvre pyramid is the most iconic structure in the Louvre area and should definitely be part of your Louvre photo session. There is actually not just one large glass pyramid at the Louvre, but there are also several smaller ones. We can use all of them for your Louvre photo session. Also there are large basins filled with water in summer in the Louvre courtyard near the pyramids. As your photographers in Paris we love using the reflection for your photo session at the Louvre

Louvre Palace: The Louvre Palace is the original royal palace of the kings of France. The traditional and elegant architecture is beautiful and a great backdrop for your Louvre photo session. There are two courtyards and several galleries and arcades that we can use for your photo shoot at the Louvre.

OUR TOP-TIP: If the weather is bad on the day of your Louvre photo session, we can shoot in the Louvre galleries. These archway and arcades are covered. So even when it rains we can still take some pictures there.

Which photo session can you plan at the Louvre?

Engagement photo session & couple photo shoot: YES
We love the Louvre area to shoot your engagement photos in Paris as well as for your Paris couple photo shoot. There are so many different angles we can use for your romantic photos in Paris.

Surprise proposal: NO
The Louvre is unfortunately not a great for your Paris surprise proposal. It is not permitted to plan these type of events at the Louvre. However what we could do is: We can shoot your surprise proposal at the Tuileries gardens which are right on front of the Louvre. From there you still can see a part of the Louvre palace. Afterwards we continue with engagement photos directly at the Louvre.

Family photo session: YES
We love to shoot your Paris family photo session at the Louvre. As your local Paris photographers we also recommend to add a quick stop at Palais Royal, which is nearby. This is most children’s favorite Paris photo shoot location. Why? Check further below.

Paris elopement wedding: NO
Same as Paris surprise proposals also Paris elopement weddings are not permitted at the Louvre. If you still would like to get married in the area we got a solution for you as your English speaking photographers: Let’s take some Paris wedding photos at the Louvre and then you’ll have your Paris elopement ceremony at the Tuleries. These gardens are right in front of the Louvre with a view on the Louvre palace – and so much more quiet and intimate.

Solo photo session: YES
A Louvre photo session is great for all types of solo photoshoots in Paris: We especially love shooting Paris Quinceanera in this area as it is so elegant.

What time is best for your Louvre photo session?

Sunrise & Morning: YES
Sunrise and morning are the best time to shoot your photo session at the Louvre. As your Parisian photographers we recommend to meet as early as possible. Because the area quickly gets busy starting from mid morning, when the Louvre museum is opening for visitors.

Afternoon: NO
Afternoon is not a great time to shoot at the Louvre. It’s simply too busy and you will have far too many people in the background of your photos.

Evening & Night: YES
If you want to have photos at the blue hour, then the Louvre is a nice place to take your evening photos in Paris. After closing time of the Louvre museum it won’t be as busy anymore as in the afternoon. But be aware that it won’t be empty, there will still be many people around during your Louvre photo session.

What season is best for Louvre photo session?

Spring, summer, autumn: YES
All seasons work equally well if you would like to plan a photo shoot in the Louvre area.

Winter: YES
The Louvre is a great Paris location to include for your photoshoot in winter. Because the Louvre palace has covered arcades and galleries that protect us in case of bad weather.

Which other photo shoot locations are nearby?

Within walking distance

Tuileries: The Tuileries used to be the royal gardens that belonged to the Louvre palace. It is a large park stretching out right in front of the Louvre palace. The Tuileries are a beautiful Paris photo shoot location to add a few more romantic photos after your photo session at the Louvre. As Paris photographers we especially love the Tuileries to shoot events that require a certain amount of intimacy such as a Paris elopement wedding or Paris surprise proposal.

Palais Royal: This is another former royal palace with gardens just across the street from the Louvre. We especially love shooting in the arcades and the inner courtyard. There is a huge art installation in the inner courtyard of Palais royal using black and white columns in different sizes. Children love this location to play and run around. That’s why we love to include this Paris location into family photo sessions. The arcades are also great in case it starts raining as we can be covered there.

Seine riverside: The Louvre was built along the Seine river, so the riverbanks are in close proximity. We can use them to capture a few more casual and candid pictures.

Pont des Arts: This bridge crosses the Seine near the Louvre and you have a nice view on Paris from it. When you are standing on the bridge you can see the Louvre to one side and the domed building of Institut de France on the other side. Looking along the river you see the Seine river islands and Notre Dame as well as the Eiffel Tower from afar.

Only a short ride away

If you hop into an uber, cab or taxi, you are able to reach the following Paris photo shoot locations within a short ride:

Alexander III bridge: This elegant bridge with golden statues and a view on the Eiffel Tower is not very far away from the Louvre area. In the proximity of Alexander III bridge you also find the Golden Gate and Concorde fountain where you can take photos. Read more about this area for your Paris bridge photoshoot.

Notre Dame area: The Notre Dame area is not far away from the Louvre. There you not only can shoot at the famous Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. But this area is also famous for it’s beautiful riverside, pretty street Cafés and typical Parisian streets. Perfect for continuing with a Paris casual photo session.

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