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Montmartre photoshoot in Paris

What could be more Parisian than a Montmartre photoshoot? The legendary area Montmartre is all about a painters, musicians and artists as well as cute Cafés, Parisian streets and pretty little shops. Also Montmartre is located on a hill, so you will have a great view on Paris for your Montmartre photoshoot. As your experienced Paris based photographers we tell you everything you need to know when planning a photoshoot in Montmartre:

Why is Montmartre a great area for your photoshoot?

Sacre Coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart): This basilica located on top of the Montmartre hill is the most iconic building of the area. It is surrounded by a grassy area leading up the hill and you can also see Sacre Coeur from some pretty Parisian streets. So there are many view we can have on Sacre Coeur for your photoshoot in Montmartre.

Montmartre city view: On top of the hill, where Sacre Coeur is located, we also have a stunning view overlooking Paris. As your Parisian photographers we recommend to include a few pictures with this stunning Paris city view during your photo session in Montmartre.

Montmartre area: Montmartre is not so much about famous sights (except Sacre Coeur) and more about the vibe of this legendary area of Paris. So for your Montmartre photo shoot we will guide you to the cutest streets and iconic places, where still nowadays artists are selling their paintings and street musicians are playing songs. Montmartre area is a great backdrop for your romantic and casual photo shoot in Paris.

Street Cafés: Montmartre is also famous for it’s many pretty and traditional Parisian street Cafés. You will have a hard time choosing your favorite Paris street Café for your Montmartre photoshoot.

Wall of Love: You cannot miss this large love-themed wall when doing a romantic photoshoot in Montmartre. On this deep blue tiled walled you see the words “I love you” painted on it in 250 languages and it’s a great background for a few romantic Paris photos of the two of you.

Which photoshoot works well in Montmartre area?

Engagement photo session & couple photo shoot: YES
Montmartre area is all about love and romance. So this area is great for your romantic engagement photo session in Paris or Paris couple photo session.

Surprise proposal: YES
Also for your Paris surprise proposal Montmartre is a lovely backdrop for this romantic moment. We just need to make sure to plan your proposal in the early morning before the streets get too crowded.

Family photo session: YES
Montmartre is a fun are for a casual family photo session in Paris. Your children will love discovering all the artists and having a hot chocolate in one of the street Cafés – so smiles are guaranteed.

Paris elopement wedding: YES
It is for sure possible to take your Paris wedding photos in Montmartre. We can also capture your Paris elopement ceremony in Montmartre area, but you need to be here at the crack of dawn if you want to enjoy an intimate moment for your wedding ceremony.

Solo photo session: YES
Every kind of Paris solo photo session works great in Montmartre. The street Cafés are awesome for personal branding photos and the area in general great for Paris bloggers or simply for your professional travel photos in Paris.

What time is best for your Montmartre photoshoot?

Sunrise & Morning: YES
There is no better time for your Montmartre photoshoot than sunrise or early morning. This area is very small and dense and at the same time very famous and popular among visitors and locals alike. So Montmartre gets busy starting from late morning.

Afternoon & Evening: NO
As your local photographers in Paris we don’t recommend to shoot in Montmartre later than noon, especially during peak travel season. It just will be too crowded for your Montmartre photoshoot.

What season is best in Montmartre area?

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: YES
All seasons work equally well for your photo session in Montmartre. We especially love spring, when trees and flowers are blooming, as well as fall, when we can experience autumn foliage.

Which other photo shoot locations are nearby?

None. Montmartre area is a little remote and there are no other Paris photoshoot locations in the proximity of a short walk by foot or a short ride. So if you are planning a Montmartre photoshoot you should either fully focus on this area, or book a longer photo session. During a longer photoshoot we can include a longer ride in a cab, taxi, uber or private transportation and reach other areas that you could love for your photo session.

This way you can combine pretty much all other Paris photoshoot locations such as Trocadero and Eiffel Tower area, Louvre and Alexander III bridge area as well as Paris gardens and Notre Dame area with your photo shoot in Montmartre. You just need to plan more time for your photo session and include a longer ride in between locations.

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