Paris-based photographer – DAMIEN

More about DAMIEN:

Languages: English, French and Japanese

Hi ! I am Damien and I was born in Lille (North of France) in 1983. I came to Paris in 2001 to study film-making but I quickly realized that photography was my true passion.

I like how a single picture can tell a whole story. My mother used to take a lot of photographs of the family when I was younger (in fact she still does!) and I know pictures really help building memories. So when I’m taking colorful, lively pictures of people, couples, families, it’s not just about the photographs we create together but rather about the memories I help them build for themselves, their family and their friends and forever.

I’ve been working as a portrait photographer in Paris for 5 years now after several years doing landscape photography, macrophotography and selling some prints. When I’m not taking pictures with the Parisian Photographers I’m… taking pictures of my adorable daughter! And of her mother too, of course! I’m lucky enough to have a balcony here in Paris so I garden a little too.

paris based photographer damien

I like improving my language skills (I’m fluent in English and I also speak Japanese) not only to travel but as a way to open up my mind to different ways of thinking. I’m interested in how the city of Paris evolves and how the people act or react in regard with those changes. I don’t mind walking for a few hours across the city.

My favorite places: the different gardens of course! But if you like to walk too I really suggest you to go to the “Coulée Verte René-Dumont”: you will walk above the cars and you will eventually end up in front of a building inside which there is a really nice aquarium 😉