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Paris bridge photoshoot

If you are planning a Paris bridge photoshoot there is one location that you cannot miss: Alexander III bridge. This historic monument crosses the Seine river and offers wonderful backdrops for your bridge photoshoot in Paris.

Paris bridge photoshoot

Alexandre III Bridge area

for your photoshoot on this bridge

Alexander III bridge

This bridge is not only a beautiful historic monument carrying golden statues, winged horses and ornate lampposts. But it’s surround by the Invalides museum with a golden dome on one side, and the ‘Grand Palais’ (Great Palace) on the other side.

bridge near eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower view from the bridge

But you can also enjoy a view on the Eiffel Tower for your bridge photoshoot on Alexander III.

eiffel tower photo shoot bridge


To get a better view on the bridge we love to head down to the Seine riverbanks to continue your photo session there. Let’s take some photos of you with Alexander III bridge in the background.

Golden Gate

Right at the end of the Alexander III bridge is an ancient palace which has an enormous ornate gate entirely in gold. This so-called Golden Gate is another great backdrop for your Paris photo session.

gate near eiffel tower


Engagement photoshoot on this Paris bridge

YES ! Alexander III bridge is a great location for your Paris engagement photoshoot or couple photo session in Paris. It is such an elegant backdrop for romantic photos of the two of you.

Proposal on this Paris bridge

YES ! You can plan your Paris surprise proposal on Alexander III bridge as well as at the riverside. Just make sure to be here early enough to avoid crowds.

Family photo session

YES ! Alexander III bridge and the area are also a lovely place for your family photo shoot in Paris.

Paris elopement wedding

YES but… !
You can plan your Paris elopement wedding photos at any of the locations at Alexander III bridge but we don’t recommend doing on the bridge itself because of the traffic and noise. We would suggest the riverside with a view on the bridge itself for your Paris elopement ceremony or at the Golden Gate nearby.

Solo photo session

YES ! Any kind of solo photo shoot in Paris works great on this bridge and in the area of Alexander III. As your local photographers in Paris we especially like this Paris location for quinceanera photo shoots, because it is elegant and glamorous.

For your Paris bridge Photoshoot

Sunrise & morning: YES
The best time to plan your bridge photoshoot at Alexander III is at sunrise or in the morning. This bridge is very busy with traffic and passersby, cyclists etc. using it to commute to work. Also later in the day many tourists will visit the bridge.

Afternoon, evening & sunset: NO
As your Paris-based photographers we don’t recommend this location for your bridge photoshoot in the afternoon or evening, simply because Alexander III will be too crowded at this time of day.

Near Alexandre III Bridge


Alexander III bridge is located between two other main areas in Paris that we love using for photoshoots as your English speaking Paris photographers. You just need to get a cab, taxi, uber for a short ride – and decide which way to go.

You can combine your bridge photo shoot with an Eiffel Tower photo session in the Trocadero area or an Eiffel Tower photoshoot at other Paris locations with a view on the iconic building. Read more about it on our pages dedicated to these Eiffel Tower photo shoot locations.

eiffel tower photo session sunrise

Concorde fountain is located just a short walk away from Alexander III on a place right in front of Tuileries gardens. The fountain is beautiful to get a few additional photos after your bridge photo shoot.

fountain near eiffel tower

The Tuileries gardens stretch out between Concorde fountain and the Louvre. So you can combine these photoshoot locations easily.

paris garden photoshoot

If you head the other way you will get to the Louvre area where you can take photos at the famous Louvre pyramid and palace. So why not continuing with a Louvre photo session.

parisian-photographer louvre

Paris videographer

Examples of suprise proposals by our Paris Videographer :

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