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If you are looking for a Paris casual photo session we recommend the area around Notre Dame. The famous Cathedral is located on an island in the Seine river and the surrounding area with Seine riverbanks, authentic street Cafés and cute Parisian streets is the perfect backdrop for your Paris casual photo session. As your Paris based photographers we are happy to share with you all you need to know about this area to plan your candid and authentic photoshoot in Paris:

Why is Notre Dame great for your Paris casual photo session?

Notre Dame Cathedral: The famous gothic Cathedral is located right in the heart of Paris and we will be able to see it from many places in the area. The nicest views on Notre Dame for your Paris causal photo session are from the Seine riverside and the gardens near the Cathedral.

Notre Dame gardens: There is a beautiful park and gardens around Notre Dame as well as on the other side of the Seine river. These gardens are great to have this romantic and candid vibe while having the Cathedral in the background for your Paris casual photo session

Seine riverside: The Seine riverbanks are especially pretty and romantic in the Notre Dame area. From many places we will have Notre Dame in the background of your photos. The riverside is such an authentic Parisian location for you Paris causal photo session.

Parisian streets and Cafés: The Notre Dame area is also known for it’s many authentic Parisian streets and romantic Cafés. So it’s the perfect area to stroll around for your Paris casual photo session and take some candid street photography shoots of you.

Which Paris casual photo session works in Notre Dame area?

Engagement photo session & couple photo shoot: YES
You want romantic and candid pictures for your Paris engagement or couple photo session? Then Notre Dame area is a wonderful backdrop for your authentic street photography session.

Surprise proposal: YES
This is a very romantic area to choose for your Paris surprise proposal. Especially the riverside is great as it provides the intimacy that you may need to propose in Paris.

Family photo session: YES
Notre Dame area is also great for your casual and candid family photo session. Stroll around and make a stop at a Café – especially kids will love to get a little treat.

Paris elopement wedding: YES
As your Paris elopement photographers we love this area for your intimate elopement ceremony as well as for your romantic wedding photos in Paris. Especially if you would like to have a slightly religious or spiritual ceremony then Notre Dame as a backdrop is a lovely choice.

Solo photo session: YES
Any kind of casual solo photo session works well in Notre Dame area, especially if you are looking for authentic and candid photographs of yourself in Paris.

What time is best for your Paris casual photo session?

Morning: YES
Morning time is perfect for any kind of Paris casual photo session in Notre Dame area. We will have the streets and Cafés for us and also the Cathedral and riverside won’t be so busy yet.

Afternoon, Evening: NO
Try to avoid this area if you are planning a Paris casual photo session in the afternoon or evening. Notre Dame is one of the main sights in Paris and people flock to the Cafés and riverside especially in summer, on the weekends and when the weather is great.

What season is best for your Paris casual photo session?

Spring: YES
We especially love taking your pictures in Notre Dame gardens when cherry blossom trees bloom in spring.

Summer: YES
The roses in the park near Notre Dame are in full bloom in summer. Also the riverside and Cafés provide this extra summery vibe for a casual and candid summer photoshoot in Paris.

Autumn: YES
The area is also very pretty during autumn foliage, when the trees along the riverside and in the Notre Dame gardens turn color.

Winter: YES
The Seine riverside is a great spot to have your Paris casual photo session in winter. Also the authentic Parisian streets are great (and pretty empty) at this time of the year. And you will love to warm up with a hot chocolate in one of the romantic Parisian street Cafés. Winter is great for street photography in Paris.

Which other photo shoot locations are near Notre Dame?

Within walking distance

None. There is no other of the main photoshoot locations or areas in Paris within walking distance.

The area around Notre Dame is pretty vast. We will already walk quite a bit during your Paris casual photoshoot to take photos at the Cathedral, the Seine riverside, in authentic Parisian streets and maybe a romantic Café.

Only a short ride away

Louvre: Louvre pyramid and palace are only a short ride away. You can easily combine Notre Dame area with your Louvre photo session.

Tuileries: Also Tuileries garden is not far away from Notre Dame area if you take a cab, taxi or Uber. So you can continue with a Paris gardens photo session.

Luxembourg Gardens: If you want to combine Notre Dame area with a Paris gardens photo shoot you can also head to Luxembourg Gardens, which is only a short ride away.

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