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You can schedule your Paris elopement photoshoot while eloping to Paris or before or after your actual wedding back home, in order to create many beautiful Paris wedding photos of the two of you. Jordan, our French photographer in Paris at The Parisian Photographers will now tell you everything about his wedding photo session with the married couple Afshin & Fahime:

Why booking a Paris elopement photoshoot?

Afshin & Fahime got married back home in Canada and then went on their honeymoon to Paris. The newly married couple wanted to celebrate their love just the two of and capture these precious moments with a Paris elopement photoshoot. Big wedding with hundreds of guests are of course a great celebration. But eloping in Paris with your life partner is extremely romantic – as you can only focus the each other.

If you celebrate a big wedding, then your wedding day is usually very busy and you not may much time or energy to take as many intimate and romantic wedding pictures with your partner as you may have wished. In that case why not gifting yourself with a romantic Paris elopement photoshoot? As your English-speaking photographers in Paris, we are happy to offer plan a romantic and intimate Paris elopement photoshoot with you. We will recommend you the most beautiful photoshoot locations and timeline.

Best timing to take elopement pictures in Paris

As Afshin & Fahime’s professional Paris elopement photographer I suggested them to meet early in the morning to enjoy the most georgous light conditions for their Paris elopement photoshoot. Especially in Paris good timing is crucial for your Paris photo session. Because Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world and very popular among travellers and tourists. So Paris gets very busy and crowded starting from late morning until nighttime.

So if you want to enjoy the possible conditions for your Paris elopement photoshoot or any other Paris photo session, then we strongly recommend to schedule it around sunrise or early in the morning. The second reason why we mainly shoot at sunrise is because of the light conditions – because for photography lightning is everything! Morning light is very soft and flattering as it touches you from the side. Actually, most of the photographs you can see on our portfolios were taken around sunrise time.

Needless to say that for your Paris wedding elopement photoshoot, starting as early as possible is more important than ever, in order to keep the experience as intimate as possible. You may wonder how you will be able to get ready for so early in the morning. No worries, at The Parisian Photographers we can put you in touch with great professional and local hair and makeup artists in Paris, who will do your bridal beauty even before sunrise.

Also if you are looking for an English speaking officiant in Paris celebrant to exchange vows with an intimate Paris elopement ceremony, we often work with Paris celebrant Laura from The Paris Officiant. She creates beautiful, personal and romantic ceremonies that will make your Paris elopement wedding an unforgettable experience.

Locations for your Paris elopement pictures

Afshin & Fahime asked me if we could create their Paris elopement wedding pictures at the Louvre museum and at the Eiffel Tower. Of course, as experienced photographer in Paris I was happy to capture their Paris wedding photos at these two scenic locations. We started Afshin & Fahime’s Paris elopement photoshoot at the Louvre at sunrise. This early starting time gave us the opportunity to take pictures at the Louvre with absolutely nobody else around, allowing us to get beautiful wide-angle pictures. The married couple had so much fun and was open to try many different poses and actions I suggest for their Paris elopement photos.

After that we went to Trocadero square to enjoy a stunning view on the Eiffel Tower. It only took us 10 minutes by cab, as morning rush hour hadn’t started yet. At Trocadero square Afshin & Fahime wanted to performed a dance that I would capture with the Eiffel Tower on the background, which was really fun and looked great in their photographs.

I am so happy that they loved their Paris elopement photoshoot with me, their local Paris elopement photographer, as well as their Paris wedding pictures. This is what Afshin & Fahime said about their experience: “Thank you so much, Jordan. The photos are amazing and we are so happy that we met you in Paris and had such a great photoshoot together!”

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