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Paris Elopement Wedding

Congratulations to your upcoming Paris elopement wedding! You two lovebirds are planning to get married in the city of love – it probably couldn’t get any more romantic than that. And as your English speaking Paris elopement photographers we are happy to accompany you on that romantic journey.

Here is our pricing for Elopement
& Vow Renewal photography :

Elopement & Vow Renewals
(including ceremony time)
(in Euros)
1 location*
25 edited photos
2 hours
2 locations*
50 edited photos
3 hours
3-4 locations*
75 edited photos
4 hours
4-5 locations*
100 edited photos
5 hours
5-7 locations*
125 edited photos

In case you are interested by a video of your event, you can find here everything about our Paris videographer pricing & details.


  • Photos in high resolution (ready to print).
  • Editing on all the photos available in the gallery  (colors, light, ambiance, contrast)
  • Turnaround delivery of about 7-12 days for your photos
  • Online gallery to share, select and download your pictures
  • Our smile and a great atmosphere during your Elopement !


  • Hard copies / prints
  • Raw files / unedited photos
  • Transportation between locationsThis is easy to organize and there are several ways to make this work efficiently. Check directly with your photographer or in the FAQ. 
  • Photo Retouching on body / outfits / environment (we can offer solutions if you feel some changes are necessary).
  • Props / Officiant, hair-make-up, etc. For this, we have great contacts we’re used to work with, and that we’d be happy to recommend.
    For example we recommend this great team of officiants in Paris that we are used to work with.


VIP delivery of your photos within 24hrs:
(depending on photographer’s availability)

Paris Elopement wedding

4 good reasons to plan an elopement wedding in Paris

First of all let us share with you why getting married in Paris with an elopement wedding is a great idea. If you agree with most of these you are surely more than ready to elope to Paris:

1. Eloping to Paris means: Less Stress!

You cannot see yourself planning a big wedding with all the bells and whistles? You don’t want to spend a fortune on your wedding celebration? Then eloping to Paris is definitely for you! First planning an elopement wedding in Paris is less stressful because you have to search, book, plan and coordinate less. Secondly it is surely more affordable than a big wedding because no need to book a venue or feed and entertain many guests.

2. A Paris elopement wedding is more intimate

You think that your wedding day should mainly be about the two of you? You are a little shy and don’t feel like sharing your promises and deepest feeling in front of a crowd of wedding guests? A Paris elopement wedding is made for you, if you want to focus on what is most important: each other and your promises. Eloping to Paris is an intimate and romantic experience.

3. You two love traveling

The two of you love traveling and discovering the world together? Or you always wanted to travel more together? Your elopement wedding in Paris is a great occasion to combine your celebration of love with a trip to France: So wedding and honeymoon at the same time. Also Europe is rather small, so you can probably visit a few other countries after eloping in Paris.

4. Paris is so romantic

It has always been your dream to travel to Paris? You think that Paris is the most romantic city in the world? As your Paris elopement photographers we completely agree. Paris is the city of love and there is no better place to share romantic and unforgettable moments together. So make your dream come true: Travel to France and get married with a Paris elopement wedding.

4 tips for your Paris elopement wedding

If you couldn’t agree more and this all sounded exactly like the two of you, then you are in for a romantic wedding elopement in Paris. We love capturing these unforgettable moments in Paris for you at The Parisian Photographers. And we are also happy to help you with tips and advice around your Paris elopement wedding. Here are our top 4 tips to get you started:

1. Photos with elopement photographer

Getting married in Paris with an elopement wedding is a unique and unforgettable experience and a once-in-a-lifetime moment. So you want to make sure that you have plenty of beautiful wedding photos as a keepsake of your Paris elopement wedding. These Paris elopement photos will help you to treasure these moments forever.

And you will also be able to share the memories of your Paris elopement wedding with your loved ones back home. As your Paris elopement wedding photographers we will make sure to take timeless photos of your elopement wedding in Paris that never go out of style and that you will still love in decades to come. Read more here: about how to find a great Paris photographer.

2. Symbolic ceremony with a Paris celebrant

During your elopement ceremony you will exchange your wedding vows. Your Paris celebrant will officiate your ceremony in Paris and create an important moment for you: the moment you become a married couple. We often work with Paris celebrant Laura from THE PARIS OFFICIANT: She creates beautiful, personal and romantic ceremonies that will make your elopement wedding truly unforgettable. She has a great page telling you everything you have to know about your Paris Elopement or Paris Wedding.

Your elopement ceremony in Paris officiated by any celebrant in France will be a symbolic ceremony. According to French law you can only have a civil ceremony (legally binding ceremony) at your local city hall in Paris. And this is only possible for French residents. So most couples have a quick civil ceremony back home before or after they celebrate their elopement wedding in Paris – the celebration that actually counts in their hearts.

3. Best timing for your Paris elopement

Paris is a densely populated city and very popular among visitors. So needless to say: Paris can become extremely busy and crowded. In order to beat the crowds and enjoy a quiet and intimate moment for your Paris elopement wedding, we have to schedule your photo session and ceremony as early in the morning as possible.

This way we are as private as possible for your intimate celebration and won’t have crowds of passersby in the background of your photos. As elopement photographers in Paris we ideally start with wedding photos at sunrise time. Especially if you want to elope at the Eiffel Tower – or other iconic Parisian sights.

Moreover good light conditions are extremely important for your wedding photos. As Parisian photographers we shoot natural light because it simply looks best. Morning light is very soft and flattering as it touches you from the side. And a sunrise elopement is simply stunning.

In contrast the light around noon is the worst. It hits you right from above and can create harsh shadows and contrasts in your face. So let’s schedule your celebration of love in the early morning to get the best result regarding light conditions and crowds.

4. Best Paris elopement locations

As important as your timeline is the choice of your Paris elopement locations for your photo shoot and ceremony. There are so many beautiful elopement locations in Paris and you can choose your favorite ones!

However some elopement locations are great for wedding photos but don’t work so well for your elopement ceremony. Some are great in summer, but don’t work so well in winter. Some are sunrise elopement only, some are still rather quiet still later in the morning.

But no worries, as your experienced Paris photographers we are here to help you choosing the best places. Just let us know which locations you like the most. We will help you with advice and ideas to make your Paris elopement wedding ceremony and photo a dream come true.

As your English speaking photographers in Paris we are happy to only shoot a very short elopement at only one locations with you (e.g. Eiffel Tower ceremony and photos) or to travel with your to many different locations and cover a longer Paris elopement wedding for you (e.g. wedding photos at the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Tuileries and wedding ceremony in Luxembourg Gardens).

Share your favorite elopement locations with us and we’ll tell you how many hours you will need to book for your itinerary. As your local Paris photographers we recommend as a rule of thumb: Book 1 hour per 1 location. So for instance if you want an elopement at 3 locations – Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Luxembourg Gardens – you would need to book 3 hours for your Paris elopement photos session.

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