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Niriksha & Mike’s Paris engagement in Montmartre was super sweet. He was making sure that proposing in Paris would be a complete surprise for her. Nirshika told us, her Paris based photographers, later how well Mike kept his secret, she said: “One day, Mike told me we would be going on a surprise trip and I should pack a weekend bag. He kept giving me little hints (I was obviously losing my mind and wanted to know where we were going so badly), but some of his hints were intentionally false so that I was thrown off and couldn’t guess. On July 10th, we got to the airport and I found out we were going to my favorite place, Paris.”

Planning a surprise proposal in Paris

If you are planning a Paris surprise proposal or engagement photoshoot in Montmartre we are happy to give you a hand as your experienced local Paris photographers. The easiest way to surprise your better half with a Paris proposal and engagement in Montmartre is to book a photo session with your Parisian photographers. You can just tell your fiancée that you want to take a few nice professional Paris photos of the two of you as a keepsake of your trip.

This way your fiancée will be ready for a photo shoot, dress nicely and feel comfortable. What you of course don’t tell her is that in the middle of the photo shoot you will get down on your knee and propose to her. As your Paris photographers we will give you a sign when it’s the good moment and we have a great background. This way you’ll get an ideal result for your Paris proposal photos and create a great surprise! Niriksha & Mike planned it the same way with us. And we are so happy that the Paris surprise proposal and Paris engagement in Montmartre was a great success.

Niriksha said: “It was one of the happiest moments of our lives and we could see nothing else around us for those few moments (neither of us can remember what we even said). Little did I know, the man he handed his phone to was actually a professional photographer who captured the moment. In the days to come, as I shared the photos with my family, my aunt pointed out to me that – in another inexplicably serendipitous moment that still gives me chills every time – we happened to be standing right in front of the “I love you” written in Tamil, which is my family’s mother tongue.

Love story of the newly engaged couple

As your local photographer in Paris we love to get to know you. Every couple has a unique love story and a reason why they traveled together to Paris. We try to reflect your personalities in our Paris photo sessions. Also Nirishka & Mike shared their love story with their Parisian photographer.

Niriksha told us: “Mike and I grew up in the same town in New Jersey and went through the same school system since Kindergarten. There are a lot of serendipitous moments in our 9 years together, one of them being that we were in the same kindergarten class and one day when my mom and I were looking through old pictures, we happen to be sitting next to each other in one.

We at the Parisian photographers think that it is amazing that the newly engaged couple already knew each other since they were kids. Niriksha told us how their love story went on, she said: “In high school, we grew a lot closer and became best friends quickly. Then came a time when he would randomly give me butterflies and we both realized there was something more there. We started dating the summer after junior year of high school, and it’s been laughs and smiles ever since. We didn’t go to college together but stayed together. Even if four years of long-distance was not easy.”

Paris engagement in Montmartre on wedding blog

As English speaking photographers in Paris we loved meeting the newly engaged couple Niriksha & Mike and shooting their surprise proposal and Paris engagement in Montmartre. Also a marriage proposal blog heard about their story and featured their wedding proposal in Paris on their website. Read more about Niriksha & Mike’s story, their surprise proposal and Paris engagement in Montmartre on the blog:

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