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Many couples choose the Eiffel Tower as photoshoot location for their Paris engagement photo session. But there are also so many other pretty areas in Paris that you can choose as a backdrop of your engagement pictures, and we are always happy to help you finding the prefect location or locations for the two of you. Pamela, Paris photographer for hire at The Parisian Photographers, will now tell you which location her couple chose for their Paris engagement photo session:

Paris engagement photo session at the Eiffel Tower

Giana & Nico got engaged in London just a few days ago before they contacted me, their English speaking Paris photographer. The couple was from California and they were currently on a European vacation traveling all over Europe. Their next stop was Paris and they wanted to celebrate their recent engagement with a Paris engagement photo session with me.  

Giana & Nico booked a Paris engagement photo session, because they wanted to create a beautiful keepsake of their memorable and very special trip to Europe and France. And of course also to have gorgeous Paris engagement photos, that they could send to their families and friends to share the great news. They decided to book a 2 hour Paris engagement photo session with me, their local Paris photographer.

The couple wanted to take Paris engagement couple pictures at the Eiffel Tower – of course. And as a second Paris photoshoot location they chose the beautiful Paris Opera House (Opéra Garnier) as a backdrop for their engagement photos. They chose this rather exceptional Paris photoshoot location, because the theme of Giana & Nico’s engagement was “Phantom of the Opera”, their absolute favorite musical as a couple.

As their experienced Paris photographer I was thrilled as never any couple has asked me before to shoot at this beautiful photoshoot location, that I think looks stunning as backdrop of their Paris engagement photos. As it would be my first time taking Paris couple photos at the Opera House I made sure to be well prepared for Giana & Nico Paris engagement photo session. So I went to the Paris Opera a few days before their Paris photo session to explore the area and found the best angles and spots for their photoshoot.

Engagement photos at the Paris Opera house

Location scouting is part of my job as professional photographer in Paris. I am always excited when a couple asks me to shoot at a location that I had never used before for a photo session in Paris. That is something that I really like about being a photographer in Paris at The Parisian Photographers: To discover new photoshoot locations and find the best angles, lighting and perspective that will make your Paris engagement photos absolutely gorgeous.

In the morning of Giana & Nico’s Paris engagement photo shoot we met at Trocadero place and started romantic Paris couple pictures at the Eiffel Tower. The weather was perfect and the early morning light soft and flattering. It was a great pleasure to take Giana & Nico’s Paris engagement photos at the Eiffel Tower. The couple was so sweet and enjoyed creating romantic photos in Paris. What a pleasure to start the day like this!

We spent around 1 hour at Trocadero for their Eiffel Tower photo session in order to get all the shots they wanted. Then we took a ride to reach the Paris Opera House and continued their engagement photoshoot there. Everything was working very well and I am happy that I my locations scouting payed off and I was able to create beautiful pictures at this location for the couple.

Giana & Nico were so happy about their engagement pictures that I shot as their engagement photographer in Paris. Now the challenge for them was to choose which one of all these pretty Paris engagement photos to choose as the perfect picture to announce their engagement to their friends and family.

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