Paris Family photos with ballerina


These Paris family photos with ballerina show you that a family photo session at the Eiffel Tower can be everything that you want it to be: classic family portrait pictures, romantic couple photos of the parents and individual solo photographs of the children. And if you have a ballerina in your family, the we’ll also take Paris ballet dancer photos. Marcus, professional Paris photographer at The Parisian Photographers will now share with you how he took these exceptional Paris family photos with ballerina:

Family photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower

Tammy contacted me for a Paris family photo shoot in late June. The sun rises very early that time of the year, so even if we met as early as 6.30 AM, the sun was already up and shining very brightly in the blue sky. Tammy not only wanted classic Paris family portrait photos at the Eiffel Tower, but also romantic Eiffel Tower couple pictures of herself and her husband, as well as Paris solo pictures of her two children.

Her daughter was dancing ballet and it has been her dream to have photos of herself dancing as ballerina in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. As their local Paris photographer I was excited to take all these different kinds of Paris family photos with ballerina pictures as well.

The morning of their Eiffel Tower photo session we met at Trocadero square, where we had an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower. It was still quite empty and we were able to make good use of the Eiffel Tower view platform of Trocadéro square with barely any other people around.

As an experienced Eiffel Tower photographer in Paris I always start with some simple shots, for instance the family walking towards me, so that everybody can get familiar and get comfortable moving in front of my camera. After these initial Paris family pictures, I captured some romantic couples photos of the parents in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris Family photos with ballerina

Meanwhile, Tammy’s daughters changed into her ballerina outfit and got ready to dance ballet in front of my camera. Her ballerina dress and ballet shoes already looked great, even more so when she started twirling, jumping and dancing for these Paris family photos with ballerina. The Paris ballet dancing pictures turned out wonderfully and Tammy’s daughter could now change back into her regular outfit for more family photos.

We took some more Eiffel Tower family and couple pictures on the beautiful Trocadero staircase and then went down to the Eiffel Tower fountain and Eiffel Tower gardens. The Trocadero gardens are a beautiful photoshoot location. If you travel to Paris in spring you are maybe lucky to catch the cherry trees there in full bloom for your photo session in Paris. Now in early summer everything was green and the gardens full of beautiful flowers. So we took some more family pictures passing the gardens on our way to the Eiffel Tower Seine riverbanks.

When we reached the Seine riverside the sun was directly behind the Eiffel Tower, which looked great for some back light photographs of the entire family. Inspired by their Paris family photos with ballerina now mother Tammy and her son had a little dance that I captured.

When we finished their Paris family photoshoot with ballerina, the family wanted to head out to discover Paris. As their English speaking family photographer in Paris I was happy to share some recommendations for the best Parisian restaurants and pretty street Cafe terraces in the area. I really had a great time shooting their family and ballerina photos in Paris at the Eiffel Tower.

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