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At The Parisian Photographer we are happy to plan your Paris fashion lifestyle photoshoot with you. We not only create classic solo portrait pictures for your professional or personal use, but are also happy to realized your artistic vision for your special and unique solo photo project. For instance if you are a musician and need photos for your album cover. This is exactly what musician Louis needed and Pamela, Paris photographer for hire at The Parisian Photographers, will now tell you everything about this very special photoshoot project:

Solo portrait pictures of musician in Paris

When Louis contacted me to book a Paris fashion lifestyle photoshoot with me, one of my dreams as a Paris photographer came true. Because the musician wanted me to take solo pictures of himself in Paris for his next music album cover. As professional photographer I was very excited about this solo photo session in Paris with Louis.

Louis told me everything about his project and vision for the solo photos for his music album – he had a certain dreamy, vintage and artsy vibe in mind for this Paris fashion lifestyle photoshoot. The musician wanted to have solo pictures at the Eiffel Tower, but also some more casual and cool photos in a typical Parisian street. I immediately had many ideas about which photoshoot locations could fit, which poses would work and how to compose his solo musician photos in Paris.

As his experienced Paris photographer I suggested to take photos at the Trocadero place, where we would have a fantastic view on the Eiffel Tower. We could then walk to a nearby Parisian street that is very authentic with vintage lamp posts, typical French architecture and a pretty staircase and balcony. I love this photoshoot location in Paris as it is usually quite empty and we therefore can take the time to experiment with different poses without feeling rushed or disturbed by crowds of people.

Paris fashion lifestyle photoshoot at iconic locations

I also recommend to meet early in the morning so that we could avoid crowds and enjoy this magical soft morning light that he wanted for his fashion photos in Paris. Louis booked a 3 hour photo session, so we started at sunrise to enjoy the best light as long as possible this morning.

Louis loved my suggestions and felt that this was exactly what he had in mind for his solo album cover and Paris fashion lifestyle photoshoot. The musician also wanted to play with cigarette smoke on his Paris solo pictures to make them look more mysterious and cool. So as his Paris photographer I decided to play with the light and the smoke to create a unique and artistic vibe.

I also suggested two more photoshoot locations: A typical Parisian Café terrace as well as famous Arc de Triomphe to create more solo photos of the musician in Paris. If you want to have this very special Parisian vibe in your solo photos in Paris I warmly recommend to plan a stop at one of the pretty vintage Cafés in Paris. Moreover you can try some delicious croissants, crepes, hot cholocate or coffee while having your pictures taken.

The Paris fashion lifestyle photoshoot was really a great experience for both of us. As his French fashion photographer in Paris I made sure to apply a very special vintage style editing to his Paris solo photos, to give his solo music album the nostalgic touch he was looking for. Louis was so thrilled with the pictures and he chose three different ones of them for his album cover, which really made me happy and proud.

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