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Hakan surprise Corinna with Paris garden proposal at Tuileries during their romantic Paris couple photo session. Every couple is different and so should be their Paris surprise proposal. Pamela, Paris photographer for hire at The Parisian Photographers, created a personal proposal photoshoot totally fitting to this lovely couple. Read now how Pamela planned the surprise proposal together with Hakan:

Plan your Paris surprise proposal your way!

Hakan contacted me a few months before their Paris engagement photoshoot to plan the perfect photo session with me, his English speaking photographer in Paris. And for good reason: he booked me for a 2 hour photoshoot that included a Paris garden proposal as a surprise for his girlfriend, Corinna. Especially for Paris surprise proposal the timing has to be perfect in order to get the best results – beautiful and candid Paris surprise proposal photos!

The weeks leading up to our Paris garden proposal photoshoot, Hakan & I discussed a lot about which location and what timing would be best for his Paris garden surprise proposal. As experienced Paris proposal photographer I recommended that usually it’s best to propose in the beginning of the Paris couple photo session. For one simple reason: his bride to be, Corinna, would probably want to have plenty of pictures with her new engagement ring.

But Hakan shared a very important detail with me, his professional Paris photographer: Corinna is a very sensitive person and she would probably cry a lot during and after the Paris garden proposal – especially as it would be a surprise and she would probably not be prepared to experience all these emotions. So Hakan was afraid that Corinna’s makeup would be smudged and she would therefore not feel comfortable anymore going on with the Paris engagement photoshoot for very long after he proposed to her.

As local Paris photographer I felt that he was very considerate and I completely agreed with him. In his case it would be better to propose towards the end of their Paris couple photo session to avoid teary eyes on the photos. And also this way they could enjoy their engagement just the two of them as we would be finished with their photo session.

So I was really happy that Hakan shared this with me. And that’s exactly why I like to take the time to talk to my clients and get to know them a bit before their photo session in Paris with me. Because we had the perfect plan: Perfect not for everybody, but perfect for Hakan & Corinna! Every couple is different. And especially when it comes to Paris surprise proposals it is important to create a personal moment. I want my couples to feel safe and comfortable, because only then I can create the best possible Paris surprise proposal photos of them – capturing their genuine emotions and the overwhelming joy of the moment.

Romantic Paris garden proposal at Tuileries

On the day of their Paris garden proposal and couple photo shoot I met Corinna & Hakan at 6.45 am at the Eiffel Tower. These two young lovebirds were so cute together. They were really spontaneous and comfortable in front of the camera, and the different poses I suggest really came natural to them. Funny, romantic, candid – they were happy to try a variety of poses. And they also had their own ideas, so I was also able to capture a few spontaneous and candid Paris couple picture of them.

After 1 hour of Eiffel Tower photo session we took a ride to beautiful Tuileries Garden: the chosen location for Hakan’s romantic Paris garden proposal. Hakan was surprisingly calm and did not seem nervous at all. We walked a little bit through the Tuileries gardens to start their Paris gardens photo session. After a few romantic couple photos arrived at an alley of trees with Louvre palace in the background. I like the perspective from this location: the trees, the architecture of Le Louvre in the background – so magical. 

So I gave Hakan our secret signal that we agreed on so that he knew that we were at the perfect spot for his surprise proposal. So he got down on his knee and proposed. It was such an emotional moment: Not only Corinna was crying but Hakan as well – it was so touching! We finished their Paris surprise proposal photoshoot in the Tuileries gardens with some pictures of Corinna alone with her beautiful new engagement ring.

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