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If you are thinking about a Paris solo portrait shoot or fashion photoshoot you should have a look at this Paris glamour photo session – you’ll get tons of inspiration for locations, outfits and poses. Pamela, Paris photographer for hire at The Parisian Photographers, will now tell you all about this Paris glamour photo shoot and how she captured these beautiful solo portraits in Paris:

Locations & Outfits for Paris glamour photo session

Ida contacted me a few weeks before her trip to Paris as she wanted to book a Paris glamour photo session, a fashion style solo photoshoot with different outfits at different locations. She sent me some inspirational pictures from photo galleries of The Parisian Photographers on Instagram and Pinterest. According to that as her local Paris photographer I suggested several Paris photoshoot locations that could be a fit for her Paris glamour photo session. From my suggestions Ida selected the four following locations for her Paris fashion solo pictures: Eiffel Tower Trocadero Square, Alexander III Bridge, Tuileries Gardens and Palais Royal (Royal Palace). What a fantastic photoshoot itinerary!

But this was just the first part of coordinating Ida’s Paris glamour photo session. As her English speaking Paris photographer I then asked her to send me some pictures of the dresses she was planning to wear for her solo photoshoot in Paris. It was important to me that the style and color of her outfits would match with her Paris photoshoot locations. As professional photographer in Paris I always want to find the perfect combination for a perfect photoshoot. Also it was Ida’s first solo photoshoot ever. So I was happy to help her planning her outfits and reassure her.

Best timing for a photo shoot in Paris

On the day of Ida’s Paris glamour photo session I met her at 7.30 AM in the morning at Trocadéro to start with photos at the Eiffel Tower. Luckily that early in the morning Trocadero square was rather empty, so we had the platform and stairs for us. This was not only great for me as Paris photographer, because there were no people in the background of the pictures. But also for Ida, as it was her first solo photo session.

It’s already never easy to pose alone in front of the camera, especially the first time. But if there are also many people around looking at you, it can be extra hard – in particularly if you are a little bit shy. That’s why we, team of experienced photographers in Paris, usually recommend to start photo sessions in Paris as early as possible: This way we avoid the crowds, enjoy beautiful soft light and sometimes even a stunning sunrise for your photography session. 

Even if it was Ida’s first solo fashion photoshoot, she was already like a professional model. She took all the poses very naturally and kept her beautiful smile throughout the entire photo session.

Solo fashion photography session allover Paris

We then took a taxi to the next Parisian neighbourhood to continue our Paris glamour photo session. We took photos on the stairs in front the big Golden Gate of Petit Palais. The Golden Gate is actually the entrance to a museum. We can only take photos there in the early morning before the museum is opening. Otherwise there will be many people waiting in line in front of the Golden Gate. We really enjoyed this beautiful location. Ida’s dress made her look like a princess in front of her palace. 

After a wardrobe change we continued her Paris solo photo session at Alexander III bridge which is nearby. The more the photo session progressed, the more comfortable Ida was. You can see that on her Paris solo fashion pictures.

Then we took another ride to Tuileries Garden, where Ida changed once more her outfit and put on a long black evening dress. Being a really beautiful woman, all dresses suited her extremely well. One of my favorite pictures from this session is Ida in Tuileries gardens with Louvre palace in the background. I like this contrast between classic architecture and romantic gardens. 

We finished Ida’s Paris glamour photo session at Palais Royal (Royal Palace). The art installation with black and white columns (Buren’s Columns) in the courtyard of Palais Royal matched Ida’s black evening gown perfectly. She almost looked like a beautiful sculpture in the middle of an art exhibition. 

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