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A Paris lovers photo session is perfect for all couples in love traveling to Paris for a romantic couple trip. Lucia, local photographer in Paris at The Parisian Photographers, took Stephanie & Jose Carlos, to the Eiffel Tower and Louvre to shoot elegant Paris couple pictures of them. Here Lucia will share with you everything about this beautiful Paris photoshoot:

Best locations for an elegant Paris photoshoot

Stephanie & Jose Carlos were visiting Paris for a short vacation. When Stephanie contacted me, she explained that her boyfriend was in the army, so he did not have many holidays during the year. This vacation was very special for them. Not only because they could finally find a little time to share together while traveling. But also because they were visiting Paris, the city of love. Paris is Stephanie’s favourite city in the world. She wanted to share her passion for Paris with her boyfriend. And their romantic trip to Paris was also a great occasion for them to book a Paris lovers photo session.

Stephanie told me that she wanted for sure take couple pictures at the Eiffel Tower. But she was also looking for a second location for her Paris lovers photo session. As an experienced Paris photographer I know all the best locations in Paris where to plan an incredible photo shoot. Before suggesting any location I make sure to communicate with my clients and to listen to how they envision their Paris lovers photo session.

As the conversation with Stephanie progressed, I understood that she was looking for an elegant palace. She planned to wear a long red dress and wanted to feel like a princess. Therefore as her local Paris photographer I suggested the Louvre Museum as a second location for her photo shoot. The classic Parisian architecture of the Louvre palace and courtyard as well as the modern glass pyramid of Louvre museum are a beautiful backdrop for a sophisticated and elegant Paris lovers photo session. Stephanie was very happy with this suggestion. So she eventually chose a two hours package with two locations: Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

Stephanie & Jose Carlos Paris lovers photo session

We started our romantic couple photoshoot in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. As their English speaking Paris photographer I brought them to the best spots at Trocadero area with outstanding views of the Eiffel Tower. Stephanie was wearing a beautiful long red dress & Jose Carlos, her boyfriend, was wearing a very elegant three-piece suit. 

Trocadero area is a very romantic Paris photoshoot location to take couple pictures with the Eiffel Tower: There is a beautiful fountain, gardens with its magnificent trees and elegant stairs leading up to Trocadero platform. Perfect for a romantic spring photoshoot of these lovers in Paris!

After our Eiffel Tower photo session we were heading to the Louvre Museum. Stephanie & Jose Carlos were astonished by the beautiful classic Parisian architecture. They asked me to create images that will show the splendour of this historic palace, courtyard and Louvre pyramid.

We also took the time to do some romantic Paris couple photos to celebrate their love. The great thing about booking an experience photographer based in Paris is that s/he knows exactly how to create outstanding images. Although there were many tourists when we arrived to the Louvre Museum, I knew where to find the best spots to avoid crowds of passerby in the background of their lovers pictures in Paris.

We had a lot of fun during this photo shoot. At the end of their Paris lovers photo session, I suggested to take pictures with Stephanie’s red dress flying with the wind. Stephanie loved the idea! She told me she doesn’t often have the opportunity to wear long evening gowns. So to capture a memory like that would was awesome for her. Jose Carlos danced with her and made her spin so that her dress could fly a little bit. And I was of course there to catch this gorgeous moment!

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