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The most scenic view on the Eiffel Tower

Often considered as the most scenic view on the Eiffel Tower, TROCADERO square comes with a variety of amazing views, with a ledge, some stairs, fountains or gardens, you will get this wow factor in all of your photos ! Definitely recommend by early morning ! See more photos & details for your Eiffel Tower Photo session at Trocadero.

best eiffel tower photo location


Check all the best views on the Eiffel Tower

From the famous BIR-HAKEIM bridge to street views or from gardens to the riverside, there are so many spots where we can include the Eiffel Tower in your photo session. Have a look and decide where you’d fancy to have your Eiffel Tower photoshoot among the best possible views.

paris photo location louvre


Classical architecture & Modern Pyramid

Right after the Eiffel Tower, this is one of the the most popular Paris photo locations. With the iconic pyramid surrounded by the ponds and stunning architecture around, it has so many beautiful backgrounds (statues, arches, gate, lamp posts…). Classy and timeless ! Check what your Louvre photo session could look like.

Paris photo location bridge


The most beautiful bridge in the world

This bridge is from another world. Golden statues, magnificent lamp posts, a breathtaking view everywhere you look around… it’s almost impossible to make a bad picture there 😉 And it even has a view on the Eiffel Tower, what else do you need ? Here is an overview of what to expect for your Paris bridge photoshoot.

paris photo location notre-dame


Laid-back and great for Parisian lovers

Cobbled streets, quiet cafés, Seine riverside, benches, lamp posts, cute building gates and bridges… and Notre-Dame Cathedral of course ! This Parisian neighborhood is a hidden gem, but definitely one of our Paris photo locations to shoot ! Welcome to the heart of Paris !!! PHOTOS & LINK COMING SOON. Contact us & ask your photographer for references.

Paris photo location gardens


Mixing nature & architecture

Paris gardens are special and so romantic. With their lined trees, cute benches, little ponds, they are a great way to include some green & flowers in your photoshoot. And there’s often a statue, a building or a piece of architecture to mix it with. PHOTOS & LINK COMING SOON. Contact us & ask your photographer for references.

Paris photo location montmartre


When Paris looks like a village

Montmartre is like a dream. Hilly cobbled streets, cute shops, cafes, & houses… this hilly Parisian neighborhood feels like Paris is a village and it has this artistic vibe ! And of course the Sacre-Coeur church overlooking the city is the icing on the cake, making it one the most special Paris photo locations. PHOTOS & LINK COMING SOON. Contact us & ask your photographer for references.

Paris Photo Locations in short:

This could be your first time in Paris & we thought it could be nice to make you familiar with the most popular Paris photo locations. Each one is illustrated with a photo gallery. They have been taken through all seasons during all kind of photo sessions: weddings, elopements, sweet sixteen, engagements, surprise proposals…

We also added some hints about the best meeting time of all those Paris photo locations, depending on the available light and the expected crowd-size. Everything you need to plan a photo-shoot in the best conditions !


Ideal shooting time : For people who get up early to meet the sunrise.
Really crowded from sunrise with early risers, photographers & even afterwards with the tourist crowds… Not recommend if you are looking for an intimate photo-session.

About the Trocadero : If there is a garden to visit when you pass by the Eiffel Tower, it is the Jardins du Trocadéro! Created as part of the 1937 world exhibition, this area offer a breathtaking view on the Eiffel Tower. The center of the garden is marked by the famous Warsaw Fountain with its 20 water cannons offering a remarkable aquatic spectacle, especially during summer nights when a special lighting emphasizes the surroundings of the basin. Sadly, the water cannons are most of the time off in the morning, but it’s still the favorite for many among all The Paris photo locations to choose from.


Ideal shooting time : The light is amazing from 1h after sunrise until night time when the lights turn on! It is never crowded & allows for a great variety of different shots (café as well). One of my favorites!

About the Bir Hakeim Bridge : The Bir-Hakeim bridge is a two-level structure, built at the beginning of the 20th century. The top level is reserved for line 6 of the metro, while the lower level is devoted to pedestrains, cars, as well as bicycles on the central promenade. From the bridge, the visitor enjoys a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. The walk extends on the allée des Cygnes, a promenade overlooking the Seine and accessible from the middle of the Bir-Hakeim bridge. It also gives access to the Parisian replica of the Statue of Liberty, located at the level of Grenelle bridge. Most people remember it since it has been used as a backdrop for many commercials and films such as Inception with Leonardo Di Caprio


Ideal shooting time : Possible all day in Tuileries garden. Much better before 10AM, especially at the pyramid and the courtyard due to it being a very popular, always crowded space.

About the Louvre : The Louvre is a must see in Paris. The largest museum of the wolrd is full of treasures. It brings together works of Western Art from the Middle Ages to 1848, ancient civilizations of Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan, Roman, graphic arts and Islamic arts. From room to room, the former royal palace unveils its masterpieces: the Mona Lisa, The Raft of the Medusa, the Venus of Milo, The Victory of Samothrace… In total, some 35,000 works! Over the course of its tradition of eight the Louvre architecture shows the styles of numerous styles and periods, from the medieval fortress of the twelfth century to the famous and requested glass pyramid of Pei (1989).


Ideal shooting time : Before 9 am if you want to do some photos with “the door” (of Petit Palais). Best before 11 am with regard to crowd-size.

About the Alexandre III Bridge : Inaugurated on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1900 and classified as a historical monument, the Alexandre III Bridge is one of the most emblematic Paris photo locations of the capital, due to its impressive architecture and geographical location. Each side of the bridge is flanked by two monumental pylons, 17 meters high, ornamented at their peaks wirth gilded bronze. They represent the Fame of Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Industry.


Ideal shooting time : Less crowded & lovely in the morning light, best before 11am.

About Notre Dame Area : Formerly Lutèce, the Île de la Cité is the oldest district of Paris. The Island alone offers enough sites of major touristic interest to fill the schedule of your entire t a visit to the capital: the Pont Neuf, Notre-Dame, the Pont de l’Archevêché… Also due to its location within the city, it is truly is the central crossroad of the capital. Come to take a stroll the banks of the Seine, and discover the facade of Notre-Dame de Paris, and the lights of the bridges that gently touch the sparkling surface the river! Admire the surroundings, street musicians will improvise a few numbers to entertain passers-by. The Île de la Cité is also the ideal place to picnic by the water and enjoy the euphoria of summer nights.


Ideal shooting time : Less crowded before 11 am

About Montmartre: Montmartre is an area with authentic charm, famous for the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and its magnificent view of Paris. The top of the hill is best discovered by using the funicular -at the price of a subway ticket- More ambitious visitors take the 222 steps at the Louise Michel square. After the inevitable visit of the Basilica, visitors leave for a historical stroll on the Butte Montmartre: the Place du Tertre and its famous caricaturists, the Dalí area, the Montmartre vineyards & some hidden places… make Montmartre one of the most gorgeous Paris photo locations. A must-see !


Ideal shooting time : All day, but pretty crowded in the afternoon & during week end.

About Luxembourg garden : Located on the outskirts of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and the Latin Quarter, the Jardin du Luxembourg is inspired by the Florentine Boboli garden and was created at the initiative of Queen Marie de Medici in 1612. With an area of 25 hectares, the garden is divided into a Frenchand an English part. Between the two stretches a ‘geometric forest’ and a large basin. There is also an orchard with old and forgotten varieties of apples, an apiary for beekeeping, greenhouses with a collection of breathtaking orchids and a rose garden. The garden has 106 statues scattered throughout the park, the monumental Medici Fountain (famous for surprise proposal & elopement), the Orangerie and the Davioud Pavilion…


Ideal shooting time : All day, but pretty crowded in the afternoon & during week end.

About the Palais Royal : Created by Cardinal Richelieu in 1633, the Palais Royal and its gardens, welcomed royal families until the construction of Versailles. One of the most Prestigious and peaceful Paris photo locations, the gardens are enclosed in a beautiful architectural ensemble looking to the future with its contemporary sculptures of Buren and Bury. Commissioned to the artist Daniel Buren, the famous columns of Buren are located in the courtyard, near the garden and the Ministry of Culture. The 260 octagonal columns striped in black and white are well worth a detour and have become one of the landmarks of Paris!

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