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Here are the common packages we offer for our photo sessions below:


You can check your photographer’s portfolio & profile page, and get to know more about him/her:

Paris photo session – PRICING


– Editing on every picture delivered (colors, light, atmosphere, contrast).
– Photos in high resolution (jpg format).
– Online gallery protected with password to share, select and download your pictures.
– Our smile and good mood during the photo session !


– Transportation between locations
This is easy to organize and there are several ways to make this work efficiently, and it can be pretty unexpensive. Check directly with your photographer or in the FAQ below.


For packages of 1hr, it ‘s possible to combine different viewpoints in the same area (for example Eiffel Tower), or with just a short walk in between.

For packages of 1.5hrs sessions and more, it’s possible to do more than just the strict “1 location per hour” and combine several spots, especially when they are located in the same area or neighborhood, or when they just require just a short ride in between.

It’s also easier to combine several spots in a shorter time for casual or semi-formal photo sessions with couples, small families (up to 4) and solo travelers. For any photo session requiring a special attention to details (such as a bridal photoshoot or including any bridal gown or dress with long train, the use of props such as balloons, several wardrobe changes, …) we may need more time and would possibly need to do 1 location per hour.

Check with us directly to make sure so we can offer you some suggestions of itinerary, and to make sure we can accommodate the itinerary/package you have in mind.

For example in 1.5hrs:
– Eiffel Tower + Seine riverside nearby.
– Eiffel Tower + pictures at a café terrace nearby.
– Eiffel Tower (Trocadero) + Eiffel Tower (from bridge).

About your photoshoot in Paris

How is the weather in Paris ?

Paris weather is about seasons. Cold in winter and warm in summer.
Temperatures below will help you understand it.

About the rain:
Paris has an oceanic weather, so we can have rain here and there, a couple of days in a row, or not at all for a couple of weeks. In one word, it's quite unpredictable, even it usually rains a bit more in spring and autumn. On gloomy/cloudy days, it's rare that it rains the whole day through, and it's usually more about rain showers (just go in a café for a coffee in the meantime and then the day is yours again)


What should we wear ?

Dressed up or casual, that’s the real question !

Well, it’s really up to you, both are working well for me !
Check some pictures of photoshoots in Paris in the instagram portfolio and blog, and choose what inspires you the most… If possible, avoid stripes & checked patterns !

Also, in case of night shots in Paris, I would not recommend to be dress both with black clothes, a blue or red dress would be much better.

You can also bring some flats or sandals to walk more easily in between the shots, in case you are wearing painful high heels.

What should I/we wear for winter  ? 

2 possibilities :
You can decide to go for a spring/summer feeling anyway and wear a skirt or dress but you may be cold a bit during the process of taking pictures. You can bring a jacket for in between the shots of course.

Or you can decide to wear something more casual and more fitting with the season & weather (trousers, thick tights, boots, etc). You can use this chance to play with accessories (hat, scarf, change of jackets…)

The most important is to make sure that you fit together and that one is not overdressed compared to the other one

Can we change outfits/wardrobe during the photo session ?

Yes you can ! But it's no obligation. Couples often keep the same outfit for most of our photo sessions. And as it takes a bit of time and organisation, it is only possible to change clothes starting from the 2h session.

How can we do it ?
If we have planned to stop at a cafe for photos, it could be an opportunity, or it can be worth stopping at a café to make it happen.
Some of our photographers also have a cabin tent that can be very useful, feel free to ask your photographer if this is an option.

The most important is to let us know before the shoot, so your photographer can help organizing it.

If you plan to change outfits during the session or to come with accessories, the best option is to come with a small suitcase or even better a backpack. Avoid shopping bags with brands or clothes on hangers that we can not hang around. It will be easier to carry everything around this way. Our best advice is to bring just what you really need 😉

What happens if it rains one the day ?

We always check the weather in Paris carefully during the previous days before the photoshoot, and we always try to reschedule (before or after the original date) and find an alternative date in case of rain, given your and my schedule. If we cannot make it happen, we will happily refund you.

At the same time, some light rain or showers here and there can sometimes be the good excuse for an empty Paris.
Plus it is easy to find some covered alleys, galleries, passages, etc. in Paris. And what is more romantic than a couple under an umbrella !

Do you provide guidance or poses ?

Don’t worry. We are use to it and I have many tips and recommandations for you even if you’re solo or with friends, childrens… depending on the feeling you wish on pictures of course

You can also decide at any time and suggest a special shoot depending on your inspiration !
We keep in mind that our goal is to have a great time together and to be sure that you will have a really good souvenirs and pictures from this day.

What is the turn-around time to get the photos after the shoot ?

We do our best to provide your photos as soon as we can, It takes  generaly from 1 to 2 weeks to get your photos edited !

Can I use the photos the way I want ?

Of course ! Watch. Share. Print. Everything you’d like, you own your photos !
The only exception would be for ads and commercials, this would require our agreement with a copyright release.

I don't want my photos to be used for promotion or displayed on social media, is it possible ?

Sure ! Let us know during the photo session and we'll make sure to keep them private !

DO you work with hair/make-up artists ? And other vendors ? (videographer, flowers, officiant, etc.)

Yes ! We are in contact with professionals in Paris for whose you may require the services : make-up artist, officiant or celebrant, wedding planner, videographer, flowers, balloon, vintage cars rental…

We’ll be happy to recommend you some if desired !

Any other question ?

Easy, contact us there !

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