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You decided to travel to Paris and have your pictures taken by a professional Paris Photographer. Maybe you are planning a life event such as a Paris elopement or a surprise proposal in Paris. Maybe you recently got engaged or got married and want to have Paris engagement photos or honeymoon photos in Paris. Maybe you want to capture precious moments of the two of you, of your family or yourself.

In any case you need an English speaking Paris Photographer to capture these precious moments as a keepsake of your trip to the city of love and to show your loved ones back home. That’s why it is really essential to find a great Paris Photographer. But how do you find and choose the professional Paris photographer that is perfect for you? Keep reading! As your Parisian photographers we’ll share tips and advice with you about how to book a great photographer in Paris.

How to find your Paris photographer?

If you start looking for a professional Paris photographer it may feel overwhelming at first. There are so many English speaking photographers in Paris, so many Paris photo studios, different photography styles and so many different offers. How to know which English speaking Paris photographer is perfect for you? Do the following steps and you’ll already be a lot closer:

1. What are you expecting from your Paris photographer?

First of all ask yourself what you are expecting from your photographer in Paris? Write down the most important things and use them as a guideline when searching for and booking your professional photographer in Paris:

Photography style

This is the most important question: Which photography style do you like? Ask yourself whether you prefer luminous photos or darker ones, saturated colors or muter tones, strong or subtle contrasting. Maybe you like timeless photos that never go out of style. Maybe you like a modern twist or a fine art approach. It is extremely important that you don’t compromise on this. If you book a Paris photographer that has a great offer or is nice but you don’t like the style of this Paris photo studio, you simply won’t be fully satisfied with your Paris photos in the end.

Natural or posed?

Good news, it does not have to be one or the other. You don’t need to decide whether you want candid photos or posed shots. Most Paris photographers are able to do a bit of both. However you need to know how much guidance you expect of your professional Paris photographer.

Do you feel completely comfortable moving in front of the camera? Or would it be helpful for you if your photographer in Paris would be able to put you at ease and help you with tips and poses to make you feel more confident? Check the portfolio of your local Paris photographer. Also ask them what is the approach of their photo studio in Paris.

Type of shoot

It also important to keep in mind what type of shoot your are planning and how much support you will need from your Paris photographer: Are you planning a quick photo session at the Eiffel Tower? No special event, just a few couple photos, family photos or solo photos while you are in Paris? Then you most likely won’t need a lot of planning and guidance to prepare the shoot.

Do you need your Paris photographer to capture a big event? Are you for instance planning a Paris elopement wedding or a surprise proposal in Paris? Then you will need a professional photographer in Paris who is able to help you preparing this shoot.

Ideally a local Parisian photographer with lots of local knowledge who can provide you with guidance and advice how to plan your event. So share your plans and visions with your Paris photographer and make sure they are able to help you with that.


Of course your Paris photographer needs to be within your budget. However don’t be tricked only by numbers. Some professional photographers in Paris offer cheap rates but you will also only get a very small amount of photos, a very short session and won’t be able to communicate much in advance with your local Paris photographer. So don’t only check the rates, but check what is included in the package (see more below).

2. Where to search for a great Paris photographer?

Now that you know what you want and need, it’s time to start searching for your local photographer in Paris. As your Parisian photographers we prepared a few tips and ideas for your how and where to get your search started:

Online search

A great way to start is to simply use Google to search for local Paris photographers. Also social networks are a good place to look for a local photographer in Paris: Instagram is great because you find right away what matters most – many photos.

Yelp is another awesome place to look for Paris based photographers because you can sort the results by reviews. You will see instantly how well a professional Paris photographer is rated, how many reviews they have in total and most importantly what their clients say about them in their testimonials.


When searching online for a professional photographer in Paris the keywords that you are using are crucial for the result you get. The most important keyword is of course: Paris photographer or photographer in Paris. Because that’s exactly what you are looking for.

BEST TPP KEYWORDS???? However also try other keywords that are for instance more related to the type of shoot that you are planning (e.g. Paris surprise proposal, Paris engagement photo session, Paris family photo session, etc.) or to the location you want to use (e.g. Eiffel Tower photo shoot, Trocadero photo session, Louvre photo shoot) or a mix of both (e.g. Eiffel Tower surprise proposal in Paris, Eiffel Tower engagement, Paris elopement wedding)

BEST TPP #???? Same goes for your search on social media. Especially Instagram is a great place to find photos of Paris based photographers you may like. Search first for the obvious keywords with hashtags: #parisianphotographers parisphotographer #parisphotographers #photographerinparis. And also search for more specific type of Paris photo sessions, locations in Paris etc. that you envision: #parisproposal #parisprewedding #quinceanerainparis

Client Review

On your research for local Paris photographers make sure to look at their client reviews. You find them for example on Yelp. As Parisian photographers we are very proud to be the best ranked Paris photographers on Yelp. You’ll also often find client reviews for our team of photographers in Paris on google or on Social Media such as Facebook.

Client reviews are important because they can tell you much about the quality of the service, the reliability and skills of these Paris based photographers, how helpful and friendly they were etc. Don’t only check the overall rating of these professional Paris photographers. Also check how many reviews they have in total.

And even more important: read some of these client reviews. What did their clients love? Was there something they weren’t so happy with? You will find out what exactly their clients like or disliked in their services. And that can give you a good feeling whether or not this photographer in Paris may fit your requirements as well.

(ADD a review or YELP thingy somewhere here!!!!)


Now that you have found the first professional Paris photographers with great reviews that you like, the next step would be to check their portfolio in detail. For instance if you found them on Instagram through one photo that you especially liked, then make sure to check their entire portfolio to see whether you only like this one photo or if your like the style of this English speaking photographer in general.

What is a portfolio and where do you find it?

Photography portfolio means a range of photos that give you an idea of the overall photography style. That means check as many photos of these local Paris photographers as you can find. Start on their website: Most photographers have a portfolio page, where they show their best photographs.

Check also their blog, because there you can often see the full gallery of an entire Paris photo session. This is great, because you not only see the very best photos that they have ever shot, but how the quality of photos is over one entire photo shoot in Paris. Because that’s what you want as well, right? A great photo gallery of your entire Paris photo session, not just one great photo.

After that you go on Instagram where professional photographers in Paris regularly post photos of recent Paris photo shoots. Photographers in Paris update their websites sometimes once a year, sometimes every few years. So recent posts on Instagram and Social Media show you whether their style has evolved or changed from what you see on the website of this local photographer in Paris. And it is another good way to make sure that their style is what you are looking for.


If you have already booked with other vendors such as a wedding officiant in Paris or wedding celebrants in Paris ask them for recommendations. This is of course mainly the case if you are planning a Paris elopement wedding and are already in touch with a Paris celebrant or officiant in Paris.

Ask them which Paris elopement photographers they recommend. Then check whether these photographers are already on your list and write down that they come with a special recommendations. If not look them up online and check their portfolio. If you like their photography style put them on your list as well.

Recommendations of other vendors are not only great because they vouch for these English-speaking photographers in Paris. It also means that these photographers are team players. So if you book a team of Paris vendors that regularly work together it will make coordination a lot easier for you.


By going through all these steps you will still find a lot of Paris photographers. Only keep the following ones on your list: Well rated Paris photographers with great reviews. Paris photographers with a portfolio and photography style that you really like. Paris photographers whose approach you like and that seem friendly and helpful. English-speaking photographers in Paris. Paris photographer packages that are a fit for you.

Now you got a shortlist of your favorite photographers in Paris. The next step is to reach out to them, so that you can decide which photographer to book for your Paris photo session.

3. Reach out to your favorite Paris photographers

Now contact your 1-5 favorite Paris photographers on your shortlist. Tell them as much as possible about your event and how you envision your Paris photo session. Here are the things we recommend you share at least with your professional Paris photographers:

Date: If you don’t have a fixed date yet, tell them your travel dates, so the period of time you will spend for your trip in Paris. If you haven’t booked your trip yet, simply tell us when you are planning your visit (e.g. this September or summer next year).

Photo session: What kind of Paris photo session are you planning (e.g. engagement, surprise proposal, family session…)? Read more about the different types of Paris photo shoots below!

Anything else?

And don’t forget to ask all the questions you have about your professional Paris photographers and your Paris photo session, most importantly:

Packages & Rates: Ask for the price list for a Paris photo session and what is included in the photography package (e.g. duration, locations, how many photos, how will you get the photos, etc.)

How to choose your Paris photographer?

Now you are in touch with your favorite Paris photographers. But how do you decide which English speaking photographer in Paris to book. How do you know now that your favorite Paris photographer really is great? Here are several things you should keep in mind and make a decision based on them:

1. Check reviews of Paris photographers

Once more, client reviews are extremely important so that you get a better feeling of your favorite Paris photographer and the service they provide: What do couples say who already had a Paris photo shoot with this Paris photographer? How did they like the experience? How did they like their Paris photos? What did they especially mention that they loved or didn’t love?

As The Parisian Photographers we are very proud and thankful that our couples and clients already left us many great reviews. We are the best rated Paris photographers on Yelp – wow! Feel free to also check reviews and client testimonials about us on Google & Facebook.

2. How do you get along?

You will be mainly in touch with your local Paris photographer via email. How does the communication feel? Is your Paris photographer responsive and gets back to you shortly, ideally within 24 hours. Keep in mind though that we often have a big time difference. It may be night time in Paris, when it’s daytime for you – so sometimes we simply can’t answers right away.

Also does your Paris photographer answer your questions sufficiently? Do you feel comfortable with them and trust that you are in good hands? Does your local Paris photographers speak English well enough?

3. Is your Paris photographer experienced?

Do you get the feeling that your Paris photographer has enough experience in photography. Experience is important as it will obviously influence the quality of your Paris photos. But make sure your photographers in Paris not only have photography experience and know how to use their cameras well.

But also do these English-speaking photographers in Paris have experience working with clients and couples from abroad? This is important because you will need guidance and support regarding your Paris photo session. It may be your first time traveling to Paris and you may not speak the French language.

So you should have a local Paris photographer on your side who knows Paris well and has experience with the challenges that come with shooting in the French capital. At the Parisian photographers we are a team of local and Paris based photographer and we all know our city very well.

4. How helpful & flexible is your Paris photographer?

Your Paris photographer should of course be happy and able to answer all questions you have regarding your photo session in Paris. In addition your photographer in Paris should give you guidance. They should first of all support you to choose the right packages for your photo session in Paris: What duration do you need for your type of shoot and for what you envision? How many locations would you be able to include?

Once you settled on your package your Paris photographer should give you advice and tips for your Paris photo session: Which Paris locations are best for your photo shoot in Paris? At what time should you schedule your Paris photo session? Do you need recommendations for other Paris vendors?

Also ask your Paris photographer what happens when you’ll have bad weather on the day of your Paris photo session. Will they be happy to be flexible and reschedule your Paris shoot if necessary? And in case you cannot reschedule yourself, ask your photographer in Paris if there are any covered locations where you still could shoot?

5. Choose an English-speaking photographer in Paris

We are maybe stating the obvious here, but make sure you choose an English speaking Paris photographer. You have to communicate a lot with your photographer in Paris, so make sure their English is good enough. Do you understand your English-speaking photographer well during your email communication and vice versa? Then you will manage as well on the day of your photo session in Paris.

In addition: Your English speaking photographer in Paris should also be able to speak French. During your Paris photo session situations may occur when French skills are essential. This can be as simple as asking someone kindly to move out of the picture frame. But there are also sometimes security guards at some locations that may approach you with questions or requests. So better having someone on your side who can handle these situations in French.

We at The Parisian Photographers are all French and English speaking Paris photographers – charming French accent included.

6. Review package details of your Paris photographer

Review the details of the package that your Paris photographer offers. Don’t only look at the hourly rate. This can be misleading as sometimes an hourly rate is low but does not include much. To review packages especially look and compare the following:

Duration of photo session

How many hours would you like to book? If you want to have a Paris photo session at several different locations in Paris, follow this rule of thumb: 1hour per 1 location.

For example: A 1 hour photo session only covers the Eiffel Tower. During a 2 hour Paris photo session you can shoot at the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre and so on. Sometimes the hourly rate decreases if you book a longer session with your photographer in Paris!

Number of Paris photos

How many photos will you get? Sometimes only a small amount of photos is included in the package. This may simply not feel enough or make it very expensive in the end.

Sometimes Paris photographers promise large amounts of photos. But if the promised number is really high, chances are that you will get a lot of photos that aren’t amazing. They will send you everything they shot during your photo session in Paris, instead of a selection of the best photos of your Paris photo shoot.

So make sure to favor an offer that looks balanced, meaning the number of promised photos should be reasonable!

Paris photo Editing

Make sure that the package includes the delivery of edited photos. This is the selection of the best photos of your photo shoot in Paris and these photos are already edited by your English speaking photographer in Paris.

Editing means that your professional Paris photographer will adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, color balance etc. of your Paris photos to reach an optimal result.

Be aware that editing and retouching is not the same thing: Retouching means manipulation of the photo e.g. removing people from the background or changing your hair color.

Whereas a great Paris photographer must have good editing skills, they don’t need to offer or know how to retouch photos. It’s simply a different job.

Delivery of Paris photos

Your photos should be delivered in an online private gallery, ideally password protected. You can then download them to your own computer, share them with your loved ones and print them if you like.

Paris photo prints or albums are usually not included in Paris photo session packages. Some Paris photographers offer these in addition.

Why should you choose the Parisian photographers?

As The Parisian Photographers we are a team of local photographers based in Paris. We are able to deliver all what we mentioned above and more:

1. Quality standard

As a team of Paris based photographers it is important for us that every single one of our photographers provides the same quality standards regarding photography equipment, photographic skills and experience, local knowledge, friendly communication, advice and guidance etc.

Also we all shoot in the same timeless photography style so that your Paris photos never go out of style. Timeless photos are as natural and balanced as possible. So no crazy colors, strange angles, filters etc. We want you to look your best and we want you to still like your photos on 10, 20, 30 years.

Every Paris based photographer from The Parisian Photographers has a slight personal touch or specialty. You can check the portfolios of each of our Paris photographer on their personal about pages. This way you can choose your favorite Parisian Photographer.

2. Team advantage

Choosing The Parisian Photographers has one enormous advantage for you: availability. As a team of several local photographers in Paris at least one of us will surely be available for you. So even if you are deciding for a Paris photo session last minute, one of us may still be able to help you.

Also in case it is necessary to reschedule your shoot to a date where your Paris photographer isn’t free anymore, someone else from our team of Paris based photographers will very likely be able to help out.

Another big plus: You can check our availability directly online here on our website. Either you check if in general a Paris photographer of our team is available on your date and time slot. Or you can also check the availability of your favorite Parisian Photographer directly on their personal page.


3. Easy booking

Not only is it easy and instant to check our availability at The Parisian Photographers. But you can also book us directly on our website. Again either you book our team and we’ll assign one of our Parisian Photographers to you. Or you book your favorite Parisian Photographer directly on their about page.

Tip for you booking!

If you just want to book a quick session at the Eiffel Tower you can instantly and quickly book your Paris based photographer with us – someone from our team of The Parisian Photographers will be available.

If you are planning a Paris surprise proposal or Paris elopement wedding we better have a quick chat before booking. This way we can give you suggestions how many hours we would recommend to book for what you have in mind and at what time we ideally start to have a perfect experience.

Get in touch with the Parisian photographers, tell us as much as possible about the Paris photo shoot that you want to plan and we’ll assist you with the details.

In any case and whatever type of shoot you are planning, if you have any questions at all before booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to answer your questions and to help you with tips and guidance.

What type of Paris photo session are you planning?

Here just a quick overview of the types of Paris photo sessions we are offering at The Parisian Photographers and what the differences between them are. Let us know if you have questions or are not sure in which category your shoot falls:

1. Surprise proposal in Paris

During a Paris surprise proposal photo shoot you are actually proposing to your fiancée. And we’ll be shooting this moment for you. So you’ll have photos of how surprised your fiancé looked and how emotional this moment was for the two of you.

As the name says we will plan your Paris proposal together as a surprise. We will agree on a secret plan how to meet and shoot your Paris proposal – and your fiancé won’t know anything about it.

You can combine your surprise proposal photo shoot with a Paris engagement photo session. That means first we shoot your surprise proposal and once your fiancé said “Yes!” we will keep shooting more couple photos of the two of you as a freshly engaged couple.

2. Engagement photo session in Paris

You recently got engaged and what to have your engagement photos taken during your trip to Paris? Then you should book a Paris engagement photo session with us.

It’s a couple photo shoot that focuses on you two as a newly engaged couple. That means we can also include for instance closeups of your engagement ring or proposal photos if you like.

3. Couple photo session in Paris

You can book a Paris couple photo session with us for a special occasion such as your engagement in Paris (or elsewhere), your honeymoon in Paris, your wedding anniversary in Paris or your pregnancy shoot in Paris. Or you simply want to have couple photos of the two of you during your trip – traveling to Paris is special occasion enough.

By the way: In case you are celebrating you wedding anniversary in Paris and also want to renew your wedding vow with a ceremony then you should rather book a Paris elopement wedding photo shoot (see below)

4. Elopement wedding in Paris

If you are celebrating your Paris elopement wedding, then you can book an elopement wedding photo shoot with us. This kind of photo session covers your elopement ceremony, so that you have a keepsake of the moment you got married in Paris. We will also capture as many Paris wedding photos at as many Paris elopement locations as you like.

A Paris elopement wedding photo shoot is not only for you if you are getting married. But also if you renew your wedding vows with a vow renewal ceremony in Paris. The idea would be the same: We will shoot your ceremony as well as couple photos of the two of you in Paris.

5. Family photo session in Paris

If you are traveling with your family to Paris and want to have your family photos taken, then we would be happy to shoot your family photo session in Paris. Please get in touch with us and let us know how many people you will be in total and how old your children are.

This way we can help you choosing the right duration, locations and timeline for your shoot. Maybe you also have a special occasion for your Paris family photo session such as a new baby, a birthday or graduation. Let us know and we’ll help you plan your family photo session in Paris.

6. Solo photo session in Paris

There a many different reasons why you would want to book a solo photo shoot in Paris with only you:

Maybe you are a blogger and need photos for your Paris blog or blog post from Paris.

Maybe you want to have a fashion photo shoot in Paris because you are either a professional model or because you simply are a fashion lover and want Paris fashion photos of you.

Maybe your daughter is celebrating her sweet 16 or quinceanera in Paris.

Maybe you need professional photos in Paris for your own website or for personal branding.

Maybe you are just traveling to Paris and don’t want to miss the occasion to have beautiful Paris photos taken of yourself.

Whatever you need or have in mind for your solo photo session in Paris, let us know and we’ll be happy to shoot you.

How to plan your Paris photo session?

Now that you booked your English-speaking Paris Photographer for your Paris photo session, you can finally start planning the details of your Paris photo session together with your photographer in Paris:

1. Share your vision with your Paris photographer!

It is important that you tell you photographer what you want or don’t want: Are there certain favorite Paris locations you want to include? Are there poses you want or don’t want to do (e.g. some couples don’t like kissing in front of the camera, some couple love to including dancing photos)? Did you see photos on your website that you would like to reproduce? Would you prefer natural and candid shots? Or would you appreciate some guidance about how to move or stand?

If you’d like to you could also send your Paris photographer inspirational photos or an inspirational Pinterest board. This way your photographer in Paris can see which poses, spots etc. you like most. However be aware that it is not always possible to reproduce these photos exactly the same way: The weather, light conditions, season, crowds etc. may be different on the day of your Paris photo shoot.

Of course sending your English-speaking Paris photographer inspirational photos or sharing your preferences is optional. Maybe you don’t have anything specific in mind or don’t want to overplan. Then it is totally enough to simply show up for your Paris photo shoot. We are all experienced photographers in Paris and are happy to guide you trough your photo shoot in Paris. Let’s create beautiful photos in Paris for you!

2. Set the time

You of course also need to schedule a starting time for your Paris photo session. And all experienced and professional photographers in Paris will agree on this recommendation: The best time for your photo session in Paris is early morning time.

Morning photo session in Paris

You may wonder why all photographers in Paris agree that a morning photo session in Paris is best. Because of these two reasons:

Light conditions: Light is extremely important for photography. The better the light the better your Paris photos. The best natural light for photos is morning light or evening light. It is softer as it touches you from the side. So the closer to sunrise or sunset the better.

In contrast the light around noon is not very flattering. It hits right from above and creates harsh contrasts and shadows on your face. So the closer to noon the worse.

Crowds: Paris is an extremely busy city, densely populated and popular among visitors. So the only time to beat the crowds and be as quiet and undisturbed for your photo shoot in Paris as possible is morning time – the earlier the better.

As Paris photographers we prefer to avoid the crowds, so that you’ll only see yourselves on your photographs – and not also a bunch of strangers and passerby. Also we want to choose the best spots for your Paris photo session, which may be already busy and taken if we are arriving too late.

Sunset & night photo session in Paris

You can also book a night photo session in Paris that usually takes places around sunset and the blue hour. As Parisian photographers we capture your Paris photos by night starting with the setting sun and finishing when the Eiffel Tower starts lighting up.

Light conditions are great too around sunset. However Paris will be very busy in the evening. So if you would like to book a sunset photo shoot in Paris you need to be aware of the fact that there will be many people around.

Sunrise & Sunset times

Sunrise and sunset times in Paris vary widely during the year depending on the season. The sun can rise as early as 5.45 am and set as late 10 pm in summer. Whereas the sun rises as late as 8.45 am and sets as early as 5 pm in winter.

So for instance while you have to wake up very early for a Paris sunrise photo shoot in summer, you can sleep a little longer in winter and still catch the best possible light.

3. Choose your location(s)

When choosing locations for your Paris photo shoot you can keep this rule of thumb in mind: Every 1 hour of shoot can cover 1 location. For instance if you only want photos at the Eiffel Tower then usually a 1 hour photo session is enough. If you want to have photos at the Eiffel Tower and Louvre you should book a 2 hour photo shoot in Paris.

Sometimes we are able to shoot more than 1 location per 1 hour if locations are very close or if you just want a few quick shots. This really depends on your overall itinerary and expectations. So talk about it with your Paris photographer!

Here is a quick overview of our favorite Paris photos shoot locations:

Eiffel Tower

The most iconic building of Paris definitely has to be part of your Eiffel Tower photo session. You can have many different views on the Eiffel Tower for your Paris photo session.

Our favorite spots to shoot your Eiffel Tower photo session are Trocadero, Bir-Hakeim bridge and the Seine riverside. The Eiffel Tower is a great location for all types of Paris photo sessions. The best time to shoot there is sunrise time.


The Louvre palace and Louvre pyramid are another beautiful location for your Paris photo shoot. It is a great locations for most types of photo sessions in Paris – however avoid this location for Paris elopements or Paris surprise proposals. Schedule your photo session at the Louvre early in the morning to beat the crowds of visitors.


The Tuilerie gardens is a huge park right next to the Louvre, so you can combine both locations easily. Tuileries are great for any type of Paris photo shoot. As Parisian Photographers we especially like this location for Paris elopements and Paris surprise proposals. Morning time is best.

Alexander III bridge

This is one of the most beautiful and elegant bridges in Paris. And you also have a view on the Eiffel Tower from Alexander III bridge for your Paris bridge photo session. We just need to be there in the morning time to avoid too many passersby. Alexander III bridge is between the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, so it’s easy to combine these three locations.

Palais Royal

The royal palace and roayl gardens are near the Louvre, so you can easily use Palais royal for your Paris photo shoot if you are already in the area. As Parisian photographers we especially like this location for family photo sessions in Paris as the black and white columns in the courtyard are a great place to make the Paris photo session more playful for your children.

Luxembourg Gardens

This famous garden in Paris provides beautiful backdrops for your Paris photo shoot such as the Medici Fountain or the Luxembourg Palace. We especially love the Luxembourg gardens to shoot your intimate Paris elopement wedding ceremony. But is also a great place for all other types of Paris gardens photo session. Be there in the morning time, as the garden is popular among visitors and locals alike.

Notre Dame

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral is a beautiful backdrop for your Paris photo session. We especially love to shoot in the gardens during cherry blossom. And the Seine riverside with a view on Notre Dame is great for your Paris elopement wedding.

All types of Paris casual photo session are possible around Notre Dame as long as you are here in the morning before the crowds. Currently Notre Dame Cathedral is undergoing renovations, we can hopefully use this location soon again for your Paris photo session.

Parisian Café

There are so many cute and romantic Parisian Cafés that we can use for your photo session in Paris. You can include a Parisian Café into any type of photo session. Parisian Cafés are great for Paris photo shoots in winter, so that you can warm up a bit.

We especially love them for Paris engagement sessions or Paris elopements to shoot the two of you and your rings with typical Parisian props such as croissants and a cup of hot chocolate. Also

4. Prop it up

You can also always add some pretty and fun props to your Paris photo session. Our favorite prop at The Parisian Photographer are flowers. A flower bouquet always completes your look with a fresh touch of color. Also if you never know what to do with your hands, then a flower bouquet is perfect for you. You don’t need to be getting married to have a bridal bouquet for your Paris wedding photos. Even for a couple shoot a simple floral bouquet is a great accessory.

Another fun and colorful prop for your Paris photo shoot could be balloons. At the Parisian Photographers we are happy to help you with vendor recommendations to order your flowers or balloons for your photo shoot in Paris.

What we also really love as props for your photo session because they are so typical Parisian: Macaroons, croissants and/or a cup of hot chocolate. You can either bring macaroons to your Paris photo session or we can make a stop at a romantic Parisian Café where you can order your croissant and hot chocolate. We especially like these props for your Paris surprise proposal shoot, your Paris engagement shoot and your Paris elopement wedding shoot. Closeups of your rings are especially charming with these typically French props.

5. Transportation

You may wonder what is the best way to get around for your photo shoot in Paris? The ideal way of transportation depends on the duration and type of your Paris photo session.

Uber, cabs & taxis

If you only booked a short photo session, let’s say a 1 hour photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower, then ordering an Uber or calling a cab or taxi is completely sufficient. You will only need it for the way from your hotel to the meeting point and after your photo shoot to get back to your accommodation. Uber is usually cheaper and more convenient to book in Paris.

Private car with chauffeur

It makes sense to hire a private car with chauffeur if you plan a longer photo session with several different locations. A private car makes it smoother to go from one place to another. Also calling a Uber or cab in between every location costs a lot of time as we usually always have to wait a moment for it to arrive. If you hire a private car they will be always around and we can instantly leave to the next location. So with private transportation you safe a lot of time: And better using the time to shoot more photos of you, then losing time while waiting for a cab, right?

Regular car or van?

In many cases as your English speaking photographers in Paris we actually recommend to rent a van (as opposed to just a regular car): If it is not only the two of you but you are a family or bring a couple of guests for your Paris elopement, then you need the capacity of a van. Also if you are planning to wear different outfits, then a van is a great place to make a wardrobe change and to store the outfits that you are currently not using.

Vintage car

Instead of a modern private car or van you can also hire a vintage car or classic car with chauffeur. A vintage car may not be as comfortable as a van, but it looks amazing and you can use it as a prop for your Paris photo session. Classic cars or vintage cars look especially elegant for Paris elopement weddings. But it really works for any kind of Paris photo session – and is just so typical Parisian.

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