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A Paris pre-wedding photoshoot is a great idea if you want to use your prewedding pictures for your wedding invitations or to display on your wedding day and also to have a great keepsake from your romantic couple trip to Paris. Damien, our Paris based photographer from The Parisian Photographers, will now tell you how he shot and planned Anna & Hanson’s Paris pre-wedding photoshoot:

Preparing a Paris pre-wedding photoshoot

Anna & Hanson have contacted our team of The Parisian Photographers more than three prior to their photo shoot in Paris. Since then as their local Paris photographer I have been planning their Paris pre-wedding photoshoot together with the couple. I’m sure they cannot wait anymore for this Paris pre wedding photo session to finally happen. And nor can I.

They told me they wanted their Paris pre wedding pictures not only to be displayed at their wedding reception back home. But also to have a beautiful keepsake of their romantic couple trip to Paris.

I knew Anna wanted to wear a wedding gown during their Paris pre-wedding photoshoot. So as her experienced pre wedding photographer in Paris I gave her a little tip how she could be as comfortable as possible during their three hour photo session in Paris: As she had told me that her dress would be so long that it would hide her shoes, I recommended that Anna should wear white sneakers that she could keep during most of the photoshoot. And she should also bring her pair of high heels wedding shoes just in case we would take a few shots on which we would see her shoes.

After we had decided about their Paris pre-wedding photoshoot locations and timeline, I send them our meeting point and we were ready – just had to wait for this day to arrive.

Day of Anna & Hanson Paris pre wedding shoot

On the morning of Anna & Hanson’s Paris pre-wedding photoshoot it is sunny and the light is perfect. When I’m arriving at the Louvre courtyard, the place is still almost empty at this time of the day. Also Anna & Hanson are arriving now for their Louvre photo session: They are getting out of the taxi. I wave in their direction so that they recognize me. Even though they would have known anyway as I’m still almost the only one at the Louvre.

Anna & Hanson are beautifully dressed and excited for there Paris pre wedding photo session. It’s going to be a great photo shoot. They don’t have anything specific in mind for their pictures. So they totally trust me to guide them pose the right way at the right spots. Anna is wearing a very long wedding dress. So for every pose we adjust the dress so that it falls perfectly and looks as elegant as possible on their Paris pre-wedding pictures. Of course I also capture candid pictures of Anna & Hanson, when they move freely without posing.

Next we take a ride to Alexandre III bridge. Usually there can be quite a lot of traffic during morning rush hour. But we are lucky as it is summer time and many Parisians are out of town for vacation. It’s important not arrive too late at Alexander third bridge. Because one of the interesting photoshoot locations nearby is the Golden Gate of Petit Palais.

The Golden gate is the entrance to a museum. And the museum staff does not allow photo shoots in front of the Golden Gate anymore once the museum is opening at 10 am. However visitors often start to wait in line way before opening hours. Luckily with Anna & Hanson we arrive before anybody else and can fully enjoy the Golden Gate for their Paris pre-wedding photoshoot.

After shooting at the Golden Gaten and on Alexander III bridge, we take another ride to the Eiffel Tower. As it is still early enough in the morning when we arrive at the Eiffel Tower we have Trocadero place again almost for ourselves. By now Anna & Hanson are already very used to posing in front of the camera and barely need to guide them anymore – they couple is really doing so great. I think we can see really well on their Paris pre-wedding pictures what a great couple they are and how much love is in the air between them.

Loving their Paris pre-wedding pictures

As their English speaking photographer in Paris I am so pleased that our Paris pre-wedding photoshoot went so well. I had such a great time with Anna & Hanson and are happy that they enjoyed their pre wedding photo session in Paris with me as well.

This is what Anna & Hanson said about their Paris pre wedding pictures and prewedding photo shoot in Paris with The Parisian Photographers: “Thank you so much, Damien, for this wonderful experience! We both love the Paris pre-wedding pictures you took of us and we had such a great time traveling around Paris with you to capture our romantic pre wedding photos in Paris. We’ll make sure to contact you again next time we’ll come to Paris. It was a pleasure meeting you, Damien!”

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