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Andy contacted me for a surprise proposal in Paris at Trocadero with the Eiffel Tower in the background and Paris proposal balloons. He wanted to prepare a romantic surprise for his girlfriend while in Paris and have the proposal captured by a professional photographer. At The Parisian Photographers we are a team of experienced English speaking Paris photographers. We are always happy to share our local knowledge and help our couples preparing their Paris photoshoot – especially when they have such great ideas as Andy for his Eiffel Tower surprise with Paris proposal balloons.

Planning an Eiffel Tower surprise proposal

Andy really wanted to proposed at Trocadero, a place known for its stunning views on the Eiffel Tower. We told him that in order to capture an intimate and romantic surprise proposal on Trocadero we would have to meet very early in the morning. Because iconic Trocadero square can be very busy and crowded with many tourists later in the day.

That his girlfriend Mi does not get suspicious we suggested to tell her that he wanted to wake up early to see the beautiful sunrise at the Eiffel Tower. Andy was happy with this idea. So we kept planning the details of his Eiffel Tower surprise as Andy also wanted to have Paris proposal balloons and champagne.

Engagement day with Paris proposal balloons

On the proposal day when the reached the spot Andy and I had agreed on, the sun was slowly rising up in a clear blue sky. As planned I was already waiting there with my assistant and the Paris proposal balloons. The Paris proposal balloons were also great because Andy was able to easily recognise and locate us. As Paris based photographer I was pretending to wait for some clients to shoot their photo session at the Eiffel Tower.

Then Andy came over to me – we of course kept pretending not to know each other – in order to ask if he could possibly borrow the Paris proposal balloons for one picture he would take of Mi with his smartphone. I told him that my clients were running late anyway and that it therefore would not be a problem for me to take a couple of picture of them with my camera and send it to them later. Mi was very surprised and happy about this, still having no idea of what was going on! Everything went according to what Andy and I had planned.

Now I told Andy and Mi to hold hands and face each other so that I can take a picture of them with the Eiffel Tower in the background. They were perfectly posited now for their proposal photos. Andy knew that this was our sign and that the big moment had come. So he got down on one knee and pop the engagement ring. Mi was totally surprised and so happy!

Get engaged with a Paris surprise proposal balloons

As their French photographer in Paris I was so happy that the Paris proposal with balloons worked out and that I was able to capture the surprise in Mi’s face. And I was so please to hear that the newly engaged coupled like their Paris proposal balloons photos at the Eiffel Tower.

Andy said about their Paris photographer Jordan, from The Parisian Photographers: “Jordan from the The Parisian Photographers was a life saver for me. It was a last minute Eiffel Tower surprise proposal in a city I don’t live in and don’t know very well. But Jordan came through for me to help and have the champagne and Paris proposal balloons ready at the site”

In order to surprise my girlfriend Mi with this Eiffel Tower proposal Jordan even played along to pretend to be a stranger. When in reality we had been e-mailing back and forth to make sure the surprise would go off without a hitch. To top it all off he also helped make sure I not only had the best pictures that day but also a video of the proposal that will forever mean the world to us.”

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