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We had the pleasure to capture this very special surprise proposal with Paris proposal violinist at the Eiffel Tower. Rocky planned his Eiffel Tower proposal in secret. So for his girlfriend Nicole it came as a complete surprise that her boyfriend proposed to her in Paris at the Eiffel Tower with a Paris proposal violinist. You can see her genuine surprise and great emotions on the surprise proposal photos we shot. As your team of local Paris surprise proposal photographers we are happy to be able to capture these unforgettable moments for you.

How to plan a Paris surprise proposal with violinist

At The Parisian Photographers we have two ways to plan and shoot your Paris surprise proposal. Which way is the best for your Paris proposal depends on your Paris proposal location, the time of day when you propose in Paris and also the weather conditions. When you get in touch with us and we talk about your Paris surprise proposal plans we will suggest which way would be a better fit for what you have in mind based on our long experience as Paris proposal photographers:

1. Stressless Paris proposal

You will suggest to your partner to have a photo shoot in Paris, a “must-do” to create a timeless memory of your trip. then during your Paris photo session you will propose as a surprise to your partner. The advantages are: This will allow yourself and your partner to be mentally prepared and well dressed for a photo shoot in Paris. Also your photographer can guide you and give you a sign when the perfect moment has come for you to propose. This way you ensure to have the best possible result for your Paris proposal pictures and a photoshoot under ideal conditions. All in all the best option for a stress free Paris surprise proposal!

2. Total surprise proposal

You are afraid that your partner will see it coming if you suggest a Paris photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower with a professional photographer? You want above all that your Paris proposal comes as a complete surprise? No worries, as your local Paris proposal photographers we are here to help you! Together we will agree on a time and place in Paris according to your wishes and our experience, where and when your Paris surprise proposal will take place. We will then stay at a distance and shoot your Paris proposal without your partner noticing that we are here.

Rocky & Nicole’s Paris proposal with violinist

Rocky decided to go with the stress free Eiffel Tower surprise proposal option. So he would propose in Paris during the Eiffel Tower photoshoot at Trocadero, followed by an engagement photo session. Nicole thought it was just going to be a regular photo shoot in Paris for fun!

Rocky picked one of our most famous and iconic Paris photoshoot locations: Trocadero Eiffel Tower. Trocadero square is the most popular Paris photoshoot location as it is provides such a beautiful view on the Eiffel Tower. Taking Paris proposal pictures at Trocadero view platform is great as it focuses on two things: you and the Eiffel Tower (including a beautiful staircase, garden, carrousel and fountain at walking distance).

To make it really unforgettable, Rocky brought a flower bouquet of two dozen red roses and a bottle of champagne. Plus he hired a professional violin player to have a Paris proposal with violinist. The Paris proposal violinist was hired to play music during the photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower.

Surprise with Paris proposal violinist, red roses & champagne

Jordan, French photographer in Paris at The Parisian Photographers, was the one planning and shooting Rocky & Nicole Eiffel Tower surprise proposal with Paris proposal violinist. Here is what he says about this magical morning:

As experienced Paris proposal photographer I often have the chance to work with Paris proposal violinist Adrian. As a Paris proposal violinist living in Paris Adrian loves making couples happy with beautiful music for their special occasion and we can’t recommend him enough.

On the big day, we all met at 7 AM at Trocadero square. The weather was cloudy but the light very nice and soft. Nicole was excited about our Eiffel Tower photo shoot and Rocky was pretty relaxed because we had prepared and coordinated everything in detail before. We had decided together that Rocky would propose to Nicole at the beginning of the photo shoot after a few pictures, when nobody but Rocky and Nicole were at the proposal spot.

All went as planned: When Paris proposal violinist Adrian started to play Nicole’s favorite song “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis Presley, Rocky got down on his knee and proposed to her. As their English speaking photographer I was taking as many proposal pictures as possible from close-up pictures to wider angle pictures to get the most of this magical moment from different perspectives: everything was perfect!

Paris surprise proposal experience

And we are so happy that the newly engaged couple loved the experience as well as their Paris proposal photos. Here is what Rocky said about The Parisian Photographers: “Jordan, we cannot thank you enough! You have made one of the most important days of our lives so special. Thank you for all of your help with our Eiffel Tower surprise proposal with Paris proposal violinist. The proposal and engagement pictures are amazing and we are IN LOVEEE WITH THEM. Thank you so much!”

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