Paris surprise proposal photoshoot

A Paris surprise proposal photoshoot can be both: A photo session in which we shoot your Paris surprise proposal and an engagement photo session all around Paris. So you don’t have to choose between candid photos of your Eiffel Tower surprise proposal and more elegant engagement couple portraits. With a Paris surprise proposal photoshoot you can have it both.

Paris surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower

Fazillat contacted us, The Parisian Photographers, to arrange an engagement photo session in Paris for his and his girlfriend Nadeem. What Nadeem did not know is that Fazillat planned to propose to her at the Eiffel Tower as a surprise during their couple photo session in Paris. As his local Eiffel Tower photographers we encouraged his plan. Because the advantage is that his girlfriend would be dressed and prepared for a professional photoshoot in Paris. So Nadeem would love how she would look in her Paris couple photos.

However what she did not know is that an Eiffel Tower surprise proposal was waiting for her and that it would actually be an engagement photoshoot in Paris. So when we met the couple at Eiffel Tower Trocadero for their Paris surprise proposal photoshoot Nadeem had no clue what was about to happen. As experienced Paris proposal photographers we had agreed on a sign with Fazillat to let him know when they were in a good position for him to propose and get beautiful surprise proposal photos. Nadeem was so happy and surprise and of course said Yes.

Paris surprise proposal photoshoot locations

After shooting the proposal and a few more engagement photos at the Eiffel Tower we changed location – and Nadeem changed outfit – for a bridge photoshoot on Alexander III and elegant engagement photo session at Palais Royal. After that we took a break and met them again in the evening to continue their Paris surprise proposal photoshoot with casual couple pictures in an authentic Parisian street Café near their hotel where we also took a closeup photo of Nadeem’s beautiful engagement ring.

When the sun was setting the couple changed into their elegant outfits of the morning again: black suit for him and red dress for her. So that we could take a few more Paris couple engagement photos during blue hour with a sparkling Eiffel Tower by night. Bir-Hakeim bridge is the best locations for an Eiffel Tower photoshoot during blue hour or by night when you want to have Paris photos with the illuminated Eiffel Tower. The view is fantastic!

More about this fun surprise proposal photoshoot

As their English speaking proposal photographers in Paris we were so happy that the surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower worked out so well and that we had a great Paris surprise proposal photoshoot at different photoshoot locations in Paris. This is what our Paris based photographer from The Parisian Photographers said about his Paris surprise proposal photoshoot with the newly engaged couple: “We met Fazillat & Nadeem at Trocadero to shoot their Eiffel Tower engagement on a cloudy autumn morning.”

“The weather was foggy and Fazillat was worried about the result of his Paris proposal photos. However when he saw his Paris engagement photos in the end he loved them – and he especially liked the mysterious and magical vibes that the fog created. Also Nadeem’s red dress proved to be perfect for this kind of weather as it provided color and made her pop in the pictures. We spent an amazing day together for their Paris surprise proposal photoshoot and had so much fun together. And their Eiffel Tower surprise proposal and Paris engagement photos are the reflection of this nice session.”

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