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Paris, city of light… capital of love !

You’re planning a surprise proposal in Paris
and are looking to have it captured in the most memorable way ?

Let the Parisian Photographers help you set the perfect moment and create the best experience of this once-in-a lifetime moment ! All of our photographers are experienced with surprise proposals and will guide you through and organize this event together, catching the moment and make it last forever with a photo-shoot.

Choose how you want your Paris surprise proposal to be photographed:


This one is great if you want beautiful photos with your girlfriend being already dressed-up and if you want to keep it stress-free : you will simply tell her that you booked a photoshoot (make it a surprise or gift actually), so she can get ready for it properly (dress, hair & make-up). We noticed many women were not too comfortable with the idea of a photographer without being physically & mentally prepared.

Together with your Paris Photographer, we will then organize the perfect plan, timing and location for your Paris surprise proposal.

TIP: Let her know about the shoot just a few days in advance or just before leaving for your Paris holiday, so she cannot anticipate too much the idea of a possible proposal.


You want a total surprise proposal in Paris without your girlfriend possibly finding out that you’re about to propose ? Telling her of offering her a photo session is just out to the way ?

No worries, we can make this happen ! We will set up together a place and and time in Paris according to your wishes and our experience, and we will give you all the necessary advice to capture this moment, without even getting us noticed!

We will make our best to capture it in spite of the crowd or possible photobombers, but beware that this can happen. This being said, we can always re-enact it afterwards if necessary to get this pact photo you may want to share.

TIP: We can have an engagement photo session the next day so your newly fiancée can recover from her emotions and get excited by the idea of an engagement photo session in Paris.

You just proposed…. Yayyy ! And then what ?
Surprise Proposal in Paris are usually accompanied by an engagement photo session. But nothing is set in stone. We can do the photos before and end with the proposal. Another good option is to do a casual proposal and meet again later or the next day for a Paris photoshoot, so your new engaged girlfriend can also think about her perfect outfit and Paris locations she would like to include in her engagement photo session.

Where does it will take place?
It is often at the most popular places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Palais Royal, Notre-Dame and the Jardin du Luxembourg, but it can also happen at the place of your choice or according to our advice.
French and native from Paris, we know all the secret corners of the capital!

– Ready for a lifetime adventure ?
Contact us, feel free for any questions & let us guide you to keep a lifetime souvenirs !

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“The proposal in Paris was planned way before Michael decided to go down on one knee and propose to me back in November. Even though Michael had already proposed to me, I wanted him to have that moment as well…”

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Allie and Chris for a surprise proposal in Paris !

“It was our last Friday night before winter break at Central Connecticut State University, ladies night at the college bar. My friend Kaitlin introduces me to Christopher wearing a woman’s Christmas sweater. He had me laughing all night, my phone had died and I needed to call a cab home, I used his phone with one condition to give him my number. He took me out to dinner the next Friday.”

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Examples of suprise proposals by our Paris Videographer :

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