Paris wedding anniversary photo session


Yenifer & Michael booked this beautiful Paris wedding anniversary photo session with The Parisian Photographers. Our French photographer in Paris, Jordan, took them to the Eiffel Tower and Louvre in order to capture Paris couple pictures of the married couple. Jordan will now tell you everything about this Paris wedding anniversary photo session:

Planning an anniversary photoshoot in Paris

Yenifer contacted me to take pictures of her 6th wedding anniversary that she was planning to celebrate with her husband, Michael, in Paris. She said that the married couple would come to the city of love in early August for their Paris wedding anniversary photo session. So as their professional Paris photographer I warmly recommended to start their Paris wedding anniversary photo session at sunrise to enjoy the best possible light for their Paris photoshoot and also to beat the crowds.

Yenifer sent me some photos from my Paris photography portfolio that she loved and asked me at what Paris photoshoot locations they had been taken. It was Eiffel Tower Trocadero square and Louvre pyramid and palace. As experienced Paris photographer I suggested to start their Paris wedding anniversary photo session with Eiffel Tower pictures at Trocadero, before going to our second beautiful location: Louvre museum & courtyard.

Paris wedding anniversary photo session

On the day of Yenifer & Michael’s Paris wedding anniversary photo session, we met at 6.30 AM, just a few minutes before the sun was rising behind the Eiffel Tower. Yenifer & Michael looked gorgeous in her elegant red dress and his blue suit. I already knew that their Paris wedding anniversary pictures would turn out great! After giving them some guidance on where to stand, tips on how to walk and where to look, we started their Paris wedding anniversary photo session. And wow, it was so easy to work with them, they were naturals!

When I was taking anniversary pictures of the couple on the famous Trocadero Eiffel Tower staircase, I could see birds coming from my left side. So I guided Yenifer & Michael to the perfect spot in order to take one of my favorite Paris couple pictures ever: Lovers in Paris with birds flying at the Eiffel Tower. Such a great moment, it could not have been more perfect!

Every single Paris photo session is really special and unique: The Paris photoshoot location might be the same, but every time something is different – different weather and light conditions, different vibes, different colors. I really love that in my job as photographer in Paris!

After their Paris wedding anniversary photo session at Trocadero, we took a short ride to reach the Louvre area. It was around 7.15 AM and the morning rush hour traffic had not started yet. This made is easier and quicker for us to get to the Louvre pyramid and courtyard before the Louvre museum was opening and crowds were starting to wait in line at the entrance. We arrived just in time to finish the Paris photoshoot under great conditions.

Insider Tip for your Paris wedding photo session

As their English speaking photographer I really enjoyed how Yenifer and Michael naturally interacted with each other in front of my camera. But if you are not feeling comfortable in front of the camera or if you feel shy attracting the attention of passersby, my personal advice as professional Paris couple photographer is: Create your own little bubble!

Look into each other’s eyes, create body contact, talk to each other – and connect to that intimacy you are used to as a couple when you are together. This will help you focusing on each other and forget about the rest of the world. In any case: Nobody is judging you. Let’s just have fun creating beautiful memories with your Paris wedding anniversary photo session!

At The Parisian Photographer we are so happy that Yenifer & Michael loved their Paris wedding anniversary photo session with Jordan. Here is what the married couple said about their experience with The Parisian Photographers: “Jordan, every single of our Paris anniversary pictures took our breath away. They are the most beautiful couple photos ever. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for capturing our love in such an amazing city. We look forward to you visiting the States.”

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