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This Paris wedding photo session was a very special one, as the couple from Indonesia not only wore a white wedding dress and a black tux, but they also brought their traditional Indonesian wedding outfits to their wedding photoshoot in Paris. Pamela, Paris photographer for hire at The Parisian Photographers, will now tell you all about this elegant bridal photo session in Paris:

Three Paris bridal outfits at three photoshoot locations

Pui & Yo contacted me to book a Paris wedding photo session. Many couples book a Paris wedding photo session because they elope to Paris and have a ceremony with a celebrant in Paris to get married at the Eiffel Tower. But Pui & Yo did not plan a Paris elopement with a Paris elopement photographer. Because they already got married back home in Indonesia with a traditional Indonesian wedding ceremony and celebration. However they wanted to have more wedding photos with different wedding outfits: Western wedding outfits with a white bridal gown as well as their traditional Indonesian wedding attire. And as their Paris wedding photographer I loved the idea.

For their Paris wedding photo session they decided for three different Paris photoshoot areas. And as they brought three 3 different outfits, they had one for every location. As their experienced wedding photographer in Paris I recommended them which outfit would fit best to which photoshoot location they choose regarding colors and vibes of the area. Of course there was no question that they would wear their western wedding outfits at the Eiffel Tower: The bride wore a beautiful and elegant wedding dress with a train and the groom a classic black tux. They looked so gorgeous!

Pui & Yo also brought more casual wedding outfits – a white costume for her, and a blue suit for him. I recommend to wear these at elegant Alexander III bridge as the outfits were fitting perfectly with the romantic riverside area and elegant golden bridge. And last but not least their Indonesian wedding outfits were a perfect for a photoshoot at the Louvre palace: The bride looked like a princess in her red and golden dress with hat.

Day of their Paris wedding photo session

As their local Paris photographer I helped them with the organization of their Paris wedding photo session. Because it was not only the two of them and me, traveling from location to location: They also had their hair & makeup artist joining us during the entire shoot, so that the bride was able to get touch ups during her bridal wedding photoshoot in Paris.

There were also a few family members that wanted to tag along during the wedding photoshoot in Paris. Pui & Yo told me that it was really important for them to share this unique moment with their loved ones. Furthermore it was the first time in Paris for the couple as well as for their family – so it was a very special trip and they wanted to share every moment of it.

So I helped them booking private transportation, so we had a van and driver on the day of their Paris wedding photo session who was able to quickly bring the whole group from location to location. As their French photographer in Paris I was happy to not only take wedding photos of them, but also be some kind of Paris tour guide and show the whole family the most beautiful spots.

It was a beautiful experience to share this special day with Pui & Yo as well as their loved ones. And the couple was so brave: They were smiling and in a fantastic mood during the entire three hours of their bridal photo session in Paris. Even if they had to wake up extremely early as we already met at 6 AM to start shooting their wedding elopement at the Eiffel Tower.

At the end of the photoshoot, Pui & Yo even asked me to join them for lunch. That was so nice and sweet of them! As their Paris elopement photographer I accepted with no hesitation as I love to have the opportunity to get to know my clients better and to just talk with them and have fun together – even after the photoshoot is finished.

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