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Renewing your wedding vows in the city of love with a ceremony and Paris wedding vow renewal photoshoot is one of the most romantic things you can probably do as a married couple. Damien, Paris based photographer at The Parisian Photographers, was Jacqueline & Nicholas’ Paris photographer for their wedding anniversary photo session in Paris. He will now tell you everything about this beautiful day:

Paris wedding anniversary photos at the Eiffel Tower

The weather in the morning of Jacqueline & Nicholas’ Paris wedding vow renewal ceremony and photoshoot is a blessing. We meet and start their wedding anniversary photo session at the Bir-Hakeim bridge, where we have a great view on the Eiffel Tower.

Jacqueline has contacted The Parisian Photographers a month and a half ago to schedule her Paris wedding vow renewal photoshoot and also capture her ceremony. So as her experienced local Paris photographer I recommended to choose two quiet and good looking locations for their 2 hours vow renewal photo session: Eiffel Tower Bir Hakeim bridge and Notre Dame park.

At Bir-Hakim Bridge it is very calm this morning and almost nobody else out: So Jacqueline & Nicholas can move freely. As their English speaking photographer in Paris I make them pose side by side, hand in hand, facing each other. They really are a great couple!

Nicholas is wearing big sunglasses on some pictures because it’s very sunny. But most of the time it’s best not to wear sunglasses if you want to convey emotions through your facial expressions. So as his professional Paris photographer I ask him to remove his sunglasses whenever possible. But the light is getting brighter and his eyes are quite light sensitive.

Paris wedding vow renewal ceremony at Notre Dame

After shooting beautiful Paris wedding anniversary photos at Eiffel Tower Bir-Hakeim Bridge we take the rapid train (RER C) to Notre Dame area. This is the quickest way between those two locations, it only take about 15 minutes. The train cost is cheaper than hiring a cab and more importantly is usually faster on a Saturday morning – plus we have plenty of space. So we reach Notre Dame area a few minutes later after a quick break in the train.

We go to the Notre Dame garden we were supposed to start at and I point them to a romantic and intimate location for their wedding vow renewal ceremony. Jacqueline & Nicholas are not alone for their vow renewal in Paris. Aimee, Jacqueline’s sister, is there too and will be officiating their ceremony. So from this point I let Aimee do the talking. As Paris elopement photographer I’m just here to take pictures and capture this happy and emotional moment.

Aimee did a great job officiating their ceremony. But usually at The Parisian Photographers we recommend to hire a professional Paris officiant. Because a professional and English speaking celebrant in Paris is experienced and will be able to help you with all questions and problems. Also officiants in Paris will create the most beautiful, personal and romantic ceremony for you, will be dressed according to the occasion and knows how to make conduct your ceremony so that it also looks the best in your wedding photos. Plus many of them can also help you plan your Paris elopement or Paris vow renewal.

Client feedback – Paris wedding vow renewal photos

This is what Jacquline said about their Paris wedding vow renewal and couple photoshoot in Paris with Paris photographer Damien, from The Parisian Photographers: “My husband and I wanted to capture our Paris wedding vow renewal ceremony while in the city of love. We spent our honeymoon in Paris four years ago, so it was the perfect place for us to re-proclaim our love for each other on our Paris wedding anniversary.”

“I have been following The Parisian Photographers on Instagram and loved the vibe of their photography in Paris: beautiful lighting, incredible backgrounds (of course, it’s Paris!) and all the couples looked so comfortable in their photos in Paris. Their style encapsulated everything I was looking for in a photographer in Paris.”

“From the day I inquired about their services the team of The Parisian photographers and Damien, our Paris photographer, have been very responsive and kind. English speaking Paris photographer Damien was able to schedule us.”

“Damien was in touch with us regularly. He was very clear and friendly in his communication: provided details about the packages he could offer, date/time/location for the Paris wedding vow renewal photo shoot and how to proceed with the booking. He was very responsive and patient in answering my various questions about changing our package from a one-hour session to a two-hour session, sent along his portfolio to help my husband and I decide on which two locations we wanted, etc.”

“Damien was very patient and understanding during our Paris wedding vow renewal photo session. He never made us feel rushed – just good vibes all around. Since we had been in contact for the past month leading up to the Paris wedding vow renewal and wedding anniversary photo shoot, it did not feel like strangers meeting, he almost felt like a friend. He has a warm way about him that made us feel at ease. We enjoyed working with Damien so much that it left us feeling a little sad when the session was over.”

“I would definitely recommend Damien and The Parisian Photographers. I believe that when you contact them, you’ll be greeted with the same warmth and positivity that I experienced.”

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