Proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain


This Paris couple photoshoot with proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain was very exceptional Paris proposal as it came as a surprise for our Paris based photographer, Damien, from The Parisian Photographers. Damien is now telling everything about this very special Paris surprise proposal photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower fountain.

Surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountains

Qing & Sarah have booked one month prior to their photoshoot to capture their surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain. They decided to book a three hour photo shoot so that we can take pictures at different locations in Paris. But most importantly: Qing wanted me to capture the moment when he is proposing to Sarah.

Most people try to make their Paris proposal a surprise during the photoshoot. Some people even want the entire photo shoot capturing their proposal to be a surprise too and plan everything in secret. But not Qing. He wanted most importantly the best possible pictures of their proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain. So he preferred that Sarah knew that he would be proposing during their Paris couple photo session. He rather had perfect Paris proposal photos, than making it a surprise.

The couple actually did not even mentioned anything about their plans to have a surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain. So I, as their professional Paris photographer, did not know that Quing would propose at the Eiffel Tower. So actually it was a Paris surprise proposal for me, their English speaking photographer, and not to Sarah, the girlfriend, as it is usually the case.

But that’s no problem, as a experienced Paris proposal photographer I am always ready. As long as your Paris proposal plans don’t require a specific setup (that we would have to coordinate beforehand) and as long as you bring the engagement ring, then everything is possible as long as it’s not dangerous and/or against the law.

The good thing with Qing and Sarah’s proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain was that we were able to take the time to find the perfect spot, perfect angle, perfect sunrise light in order to get the best possible Paris proposal pictures. That does not mean that the proposal or pictures are fake. Quing really proposed and Sarah’s emotions were real.

It is similar to an Paris elopement wedding or renewal of vows: We would also first of all get the perfect ceremony spot, put you in the perfect position (angle, light, backdrop etc.) before you are actually getting married. But once the ceremony officiated by Paris celebrants is starting, the couples are really exchanging vows and marrying each other, with all the genuine emotions that come with it. And all that under the best possible circumstances to capture this moment into photography.

Paris proposal photo session in autumn

Sarah & Qing’s proposal at the Eiffel Tower was planned in late October. This is not a bad time for a photoshoot in Paris. It is usually not as hot anymore as in summer but also not as cool yet as during the winter months. Often autumn foliage starts at that time: So you often see trees in yellow, orange and red as leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground.

That’s really beautiful conditions for a Paris photoshoot, especially when it’s sunny just as it was on the day of Sarah & Qing’s surprise proposal. Also autumn is a nice season for a proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain because there are not so many tourists anymore in Paris and i’s easier to create an intimate moment to propose in Paris.

On the day of Sarah & Quing’s Paris proposal at the Eiffel Tower fountain we start their Paris couple photoshoot at Trocadero square and then quickly walk over to the Eiffel Tower fountain for their proposal. In autumn the light can change quite fast in the morning and that day it is no different: the sun is quite low in the sky but we manage to get different atmospheres for the different steps of this proposal photo shoot.

Also as English speaking photographer in Paris I really like the fact that Sarah is wearing a red dress. A red dress always works – whatever the weather conditions or circumstances of the photoshoot. Bright color work extremely well. Keep that in mind if you decide to come to Paris for your own photo shoot.

I am really having fun with Qing & Sarah: They know what they want but also appreciate some suggestions for spots and posing ideas. After their Eiffel Tower photo session we take a ride to the Louvre. It is a great area where you can find many great Paris photoshoot locations such as Louvre pyramid and palace, Tuileries gardens, Palais Royal (Royal Palace) and more. I am really happy that Qing & Sarah were enjoying their Paris couple and proposal photo shoot and that they loved their Paris proposal pictures.

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