Romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot


You can have a romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot for pretty much any occasion: Paris surprise proposal, Eiffel Tower engagement, Paris honeymoon photoshoot, Paris anniversary photo session or Paris elopement wedding.

Or you simply plan a couple photoshoot, no special occasions needed, just as Silvia & Pedro did. They traveled to Paris together, a romantic couple trip, just the two of them. And the cherry on top of the cake was their romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot with their English speaking photographers in Paris. What a perfect souvenir to bring home from the city of love.

Perfect Eiffel Tower photo location

When you are planning a romantic Eiffel Tower photo session in Paris you first need to choose your favorite Eiffel Tower location. Silvia & Pedro loved Bir-Hakeim bridge because of the great view you have from there on the Eiffel Tower. But also because the bridge itself is beautiful and architectural masterpiece. You may know it from the movie Inception, this Paris location became famous worldwide through this film.

As team of local Paris photographer for hire we really love shooting at this Eiffel Tower location. Birhakeim bridge has a few other advantages for your romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot: First the bridge has a balcony. From there you not only have a fantastic view on the Eiffel Tower and Seine river. But you can also use this balcony for couple photo poses as you can see with Silvia & Pedro’s romantic Eiffel Tower photo session.

Moreover Pont Bir-Hakeim is a double layer bridge. That means there are some covered spots for your romantic Eiffel Tower photo session. This is perfect when the weather isn’t great or if there is a risk of rain. At this Eiffel Tower location we are always protected and covered for your romantic Eiffel Tower photo session.

Romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot

That’s also exactly what happened on the day of their photoshoot in Paris. Silvia & Pedro were a little bit worried about the weather: it’s wasn’t sunny but foggy and it looked like it could start raining anytime. But as their experience Paris based photographer I told the couple that it won’t be a problem.

First we always have a backup plan at this Eiffel Tower location and can be covered under the structure of the bridge while still having a pretty photoshoot location. Also this foggy weather can create a very unique and mysterious atmosphere for their romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot. And last but not least the ares was less crowded and busy because of the weather. Great for an intimate and romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot

In love with Eiffel Tower couple photos

As their French photographer in Paris I was happy that I had such a great couple photoshoot with Silivia & Pedro. We were lucky and it did not rain in the end. And I am really pleased that the couple also enjoyed their romantic Eiffel Tower photoshoot and loved their Paris couple photos I took of them at the Eiffel Tower.

Here is what Silvia & Pedro said about their experience and Paris photographer Jordan.“I never usually write reviews but this time, Jordan from The Parisian Photographers, deserves one. What an amazing photo session; the best one I have ever had. It was the first time my fiancé and I had a professional photo shoot without knowing what to expect, but Jordan was incredible at making us feel comfortable and welcomed while taking great photos. The result? The photos look amazing and the entire experience was a complete delight. We had a great time and I would highly recommend him. He is very patient, organized, and suggested good poses. Thanks Jordan!!”

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