Romantic Paris engagement photo session


If you are proposing in Paris or are a newly engaged couple you should definitely book a romantic Paris engagement photo session to have a keepsake of this special moment as a couple. Lucia, our local Paris photographer at The Parisian Photographers took Joaquin & Paola Paris engagement photos at Luxembourg Gardens and will now tell you everything about this romantic photo session in Paris:

Romantic Paris engagement photo session

As their English speaking Paris photographer I met Joaquin & Paola at the very beginning of spring, when the sun made it’s first timid appearances. Joaquin lived in the United States, had travel to Paris to visit his girlfriend, Paola. She was living in Paris to do a master’s degree in fashion and design. When he arrived in Paris Joaquin proposed to Paola during a romantic dinner he had prepared for her. This was a huge surprise for Paola and she was so happy about his intimate Paris surprise proposal.

Joaquin contacted me because he wanted to schedule a romantic Paris engagement photo session for the day after his Paris proposal to celebrate the engagement with his future wife. As a place for their romantic Paris engagement photo session Joaquin chose their favourite place in Paris: Luxembourg Gardens.

So as their professional Paris photographer I met the newly engaged couple on a beautiful spring afternoon for their romantic Paris engagement photo session in Luxembourg Gardens. Paola was smiling and super happy to have an engagement photo session in Paris with a professional photographer.

She told me that they had first met at university and had been together for six years. Paola had come to Paris, the city of her dreams, to do a master’s degree and they had continued their relationship long distance. With his master’s degree about to end, Joaquin thought it would be a good time to propose to her and settle down together somewhere in the US.

Paris engagement photos at Luxembourg Gardens

Paola was very happy to create a beautiful keepsake of this memorable moment in their lived with their romantic Paris engagement photo session. For her Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, so it was a great opportunity to have beautiful photos in in the city of love with the love of her life. At first Paola was a little bit shy as she was not used to move in front of a camera. But as their experienced Paris engagement photographer I guided them with a few poses and ideas. And soon the newly engaged couple felt very comfortable in front of the camera. 

We took the time to explore the beautiful and romantic Luxembourg Garden. I showed them my favorite spots in this splendid palace garden. such as the romantic Medici Fountain or the gorgeous Luxembourg Palace. The couple was very happy to explore Luxembourg Gardens in a new way during their romantic Paris engagement photo session. They shared with me several anecdotes about their relationship and we laugh a lot. We had a great time together. Luxembourg Gardens was already showing some of its beautiful flowers and the trees were full of beautiful leaves. 

As local Paris photographer I knew that the Luxembourg Garden can be a very busy place. So I made sure to take them to quiet places, without too many people in the background and a bit of intimacy. This beautiful couple could share a pleasant moment together and have their engagement picture taken at the same time.

Joaquin asked me whether it was possible to receive their Paris engagement photos as soon as possible, as he wanted to share them with his family and friends to announce their engagement. And that’s of course no problem for me as engagement photographer in Paris.

I am really happy that Joaquin & Paola were delighted with their romantic Paris engagement photo session and their Paris engagement photos in Luxembourg Gardens. Paola sent me a message on Whatsapp to tell me how happy she was, to finally have some nice Paris engagement photos with her fiancé – memories that she will cherish forever.

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