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Creating your senior pictures in Paris is a great occasion to book a solo photoshoot with different outfits and photoshoot locations so that you get a solo portrait portfolio of yourself with a great variety. Damien, Paris based photographer at The Parisian Photographers, will now tell you all about Kristin’s senior photos solo portrait session in Paris:

Booking your Paris solo photoshoot with us

Kristin has contacted The Parisian Photographers three months prior to inquire about a solo photoshoot to take her senior pictures in Paris. She mentioned that she was a bit on a budget. Fortunately our pricing at The Parisian Photographers is really reasonable and we have many packages to chose from. So usually everybody can find a package with us fitting their needs and budget. You can of course always find cheaper Paris photo shoot offers. But keep in mind that the quality of the pictures or the customer service won’t be the same.

Kristin loved our photography style, service and packages – and they worked with her packages. So she booked her photo session to take her senior pictures in Paris with me, Damien, as her Paris photographer.

Different outfits for your senior pictures in Paris

Kristin’s solo photoshoot to take her senior pictures in Paris was planned in October. It was still pretty cool and misty in the early morning hours, but we had beautiful light and sunshine. Kristin had told me before that she would like to wear different outfits for her senior pictures in Paris. So as her experienced solo photographer in Paris I was prepared for her request and brought a portable changing booth. Her father accompanied Kristin for her solo photo session for senior pictures in Paris. That was great as he was able to help her with her different outfits and also by giving her a coat when she needed to warm up a bit.

As your professional Paris photographer I recommend to choose your favorite outfits for your solo photo session. It’s better to choose casual outfits that you love and feel comfortable in. Rather than for instance an evening gown and high heels that you have never worn before and in which you cannot easily and naturally move. The most important thing is that you feel completely comfortable, beautiful and confident in your outfits.

Three to four outfits are usually enough for a senior photoshoot. And why not including different styles? Such as casual, natural, sporty, romantic, elegant, formal, dressy – you name it. Different styles of outfits allows us to create a variety of senior pictures in Paris and achieve a diverse solo photography portfolio for you.

Locations for your Paris solo photo session

Kristin loves to have some of her senior pictures in Paris taken at the Eiffel Tower. So we meet at Trocadero early in the morning to start her Paris solo photoshoot with a great view on the Eiffel Tower. Apart of the Eiffel Tower Kristin does not want to have more photos at famous sights and too touristic landmarks. She would rather have that romantic Parisian vibe captured that you find on Paris street style photography.

As her local Paris photographer I suggest to shoot at the Seine riverside and to continue with a Paris gardens photo session at beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. Kristin loves the idea and especially Luxembourg Gardens provides us with a variety of romantic backdrops: The Medici Fountain, flower gardens, rows of trees, cute park benches and more.

I am so happy that Kristin has fun during her Paris solo photoshoot and loves the result of her senior pictures in Paris. This is what she said about her solo photo session in Paris with me, her solo Paris photographer: “Damien really helped me feel comfortable during my solo photo shoot in Paris. It was a bit cold and it was a bit early but Damien made great senior pictures of me. It was really worth it. Thank you so much!”

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