Summer engagement photoshoot in Paris


Melissa & Carlos booked a summer engagement photoshoot in Paris with us, in order to celebrate their recent engagement and create beautiful Paris engagement pictures. If you are planning to travel to Paris for summer vacation why not schedule a photoshoot as well to capture professional photographs of yourself and bring back memories of your trip to Paris. Pamela, Paris photographer for hire at The Parisian Photographers, will now tell you everything about her Paris summer engagement photoshoot with Melissa & Carlos:

Summer engagement photoshoot in Paris

Melissa & Carlos contacted me to organize their summer engagement photoshoot in Paris. They planned a romantic couple trip to the city of love in August and wanted to use the chance to be in Paris to get some beautiful engagement pictures.

Taking pictures during summer time in Paris usually works very well: The weather is nice (most of the time) and the temperatures are warm and enjoyable – even early in the morning. We have to get up really early for a sunrise summer engagement photoshoot in Paris – but it’s really worth it. The light at sunrise time is soft and flattering. And if the sky is blue and we have just a few pretty clouds, than it’s a dream come true for every professional photographer in Paris.

Melissa & Carlos just recently got engaged and wanted to celebrate that with their summer engagement photoshoot in Paris. They wanted me, their English speaking Paris photographer, to take romantic couple pictures of them at several iconic photoshoot locations in Paris. The newly engaged couldn’t decide for a long time as there are just so many beautiful place in Paris that we can use for photo session.

Itinerary for Paris engagement photos in summer

Finally they choose their favorite spots for their summer engagement photoshoot in Paris: The two main locations were Trocadero square – for an amazing view on the Eiffel Tower – and elegant Alexander third bridge. As the Golden Gate is very close to Alexander III bridge I recommended to include this beautiful Paris photoshoot location as well. Because as experienced Paris based photographer I am always happy to share my local knowledge with my clients to make the most of their photo session in Paris. And the maginifcent Golden Gate of Petit Palais is anyway a must see spot when you are near Pont Alexandre 3 – with or without Paris photoshoot.

On the day of their summer engagement photoshoot in Paris I met Melissa & Carlos at 6.30 am in the morning at Trocadero square. We had great weather, sunshine and a beautiful sky for our Eiffel Tower photo session. Melissa wore a pretty black evening dress and Carlos a black suit. Perfect outfits for elegant engagement photos at the Eiffel Tower.

We then quickly took a ride to the area around bridge Alexander III, to continue with a bridge photoshoot. Since I told the couple about the Golden Gate, they were very enthusiast about this area and wanted to spend most of their Paris summer engagement photoshoot in the area around Alexander third bridge. Before we started at the Golden Gate of Petit Palais, the newly engaged couple changed outfits. Melissa now wore a beautiful flowery summer dress and Carlos a navy suit to give their Paris engagement photo session are more summery and casual chic vibe.

There are so many beautiful spots in the area, that we were able to use for their summer engagement photos: The stairs in front of Golden Gate, the park around Petit Palais, Alexander 3 bridge and the Seine riverside. They really did great and we had so much fun, time just flew by. As their French photographer in Paris I was so happy that I was able to do this photo session with Melissa & Carlos and that they loved their Paris engagement photos.

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