Sweet sixteen Paris photo session

A sweet sixteen Paris photo session is not only a great chance to have beautiful solo portrait pictures taken of your daughter but also to have a few photographs of the entire family while you are in Paris. Also it will be such a precious memory for your daughter to have a sweet sixteen Paris photo session and to show these special solo pictures to her friends back home.

Ashley’s sweet sixteen Paris photo session

Our English speaking Paris photographer from our team of The Parisian Photographers said about his sweet sixteen Paris photo session with Ashley and her family: “Ashley’s mother contacted us at the Paris photo studio The Parisian Photographers on the for a sweet sixteen Paris photo session. The occasion was her daughter’s 16th birthday that they wanted to celebrate in a special and exceptional way. And as they were on a family trip in Paris they thought of capturing beautiful sweet sixteen photos at the Eiffel Tower.”

“One of Ashley’s friends had already had the opportunity to have a sweet sixteen solo photoshoot in Paris at the Trocadero with a view on the Eiffel Tower. So as Ashley did not want to have exactly the same thing as her friend but still shoot at the Eiffel Tower, we suggested to plan her sweet sixteen Paris photo session at Bir-Hakeim bridge. This beautiful bridge provides a great view on the Eiffel Tower as well and is also a pretty area for solo and family pictures in Paris.”

“So in the end of Ashley’s Paris sweet sixteen photo session we took the chance to also do some extra pictures together with her parents and her little sister. Ashley and her family were so sweet, especially Ashley’s sister who was there to accompany her and support her during her sweet sixteen photo session in Paris. It wasn’t easy as it was December and it was freezing outside. But Ashley and her family were brave and we love how her sweet sixteen photos turned out. This day day was so much fun!”

Feedback on sweet sixteen photos in Paris

And this is what Ashley’s mother said about her daughter’s sweet sixteen Paris photo session at the Eiffel Tower and her family photos in Paris: “The sweet sixteen pictures in Paris are fantastic! I could not have asked for anything more. I was so happy and thought they were so beautiful that I was so overcome with emotion that I was crying. I was actually thinking that sometimes people don’t seem relaxed in a photo shoot, but I think The Parisian Photographers really captured our personalities perfectly.”

“My daughter looks so beautiful in her sweet sixteen Paris photos and also our family photos at the Eiffel Tower look so natural and fun. I am so impressed! The work of The Parisian Photographers is amazing! Our English speaking Paris photographer has such great vision through the camera and connection with his clients! He made my daughter feel comfortable during her sweet sixteen Paris photo session and the rest of the family as well when we took Paris family pictures in the end of the photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower.

It felt so special to have this sweet sixteen photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower and we are happy that we could provide such a great memory for our daughter’s special birthday. We will never forget this beautiful experience and just adore the sweet sixteen photos of Ashley! Also the prices of The Parisian Photographers are reasonable, you get a great result and our local French photographer in Paris was on time and so friendly. We highly recommend The Parisian Photographers.”

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