Trocadero sunrise photo session


A Trocadero sunrise photo session is very popular. And there are many great reasons why: If you love the Eiffel Tower then from Trocadero you have a great view on it. Also sunrise light is very special and makes your couple photo session in Paris even more romantic. Another big plus is that the area around the Eiffel Tower is still quiet in the morning. So a Trocadero sunrise photo session is perfect if you are looking for a more intimate experience.

Couple photo session in Paris

Many couples decide for a Eiffel Tower photo session because they are getting engaged or are celebrating a wedding anniversary. But you actually don’t need any special occasion to have a Paris couple photo session with The Parisian Photographers. Same as Lindsay & Preston. They are a couple since a long time and simply wanted to have romantic photos in Paris to celebrate their love and to bring back beautiful keepsakes from their trip to the city of love. So the couple contacted our team of local Eiffel Tower photographers as they were looking for a casual couple photo session in Paris.

Sunrise photo session at Trocadero

Lindsey & Preston really loved the Eiffel Tower and wanted a couple photoshoot with a romantic vibe. So as their experienced Paris photographer we suggested a Trocadero sunrise photo session. Of course the first reaction often is that it sounds a bit crazy getting up so early to get ready for a Trocadero photo session at sunrise.

But there are so many good reasons for a Trocadero sunrise photo session: First simply the sunrise light is amazing. Just look at Lindsey & Preston’s sunrise couple photos. This soft and romantic light makes their Paris pictures even more special. Second the area around the Eiffel Tower can get really busy and crowded later in the day. Which means plenty of people looking at you and also many passersby in the background. So if you are a little bit shy and don’t feel comfortable taking romantic couple photos with all eyes on you then sunrise is perfect for you.

Best place for Eiffel Tower photos

You can of course also choose another Eiffel Tower location for your sunrise photo session in Paris. However Trocadero place is really special. Because Trocadero is on an elevated area and you therefore have spectacular views on the Eiffel Tower that you cannot get anywhere else. That’s why Trocadero is such a popular spot for Eiffel Tower photo session in Paris. And just another reasons why sunrise is the best time for your Trocadero sunrise photo session.

You can of course also plan a Trocadero sunrise photo session for any other occasion: Paris engagement photos, Eiffel Tower surprise proposal photoshoot, Paris elopement photos in Paris, Trocadero solo photoshoot, family photos in Paris, Paris quinceañera pictures – you name it. Just contact us, The Parisian Photographers. Our team of local photographers in Paris will help you plan the details of your Trocadero sunrise photo session.

Lindsey & Preston’s Trocadero sunrise photo session

We are so happy that Lindsey & Preston were happy with their Trocadero sunrise photo session and their Paris couple photos. Here is what they said about Jordan, their French photographer in Paris from The Parisian Photographers: “I would absolutely recommend Jordan, from The Parisian Photographers! He was able to squeeze us into his schedule with only about a week’s notice and was timely and friendly in his communication.”

On the day of the shoot he knew the perfect time and place for us to meet him to capture a gorgeous sunrise over Paris with an Eiffel Tower backdrop. He sent the edited photos to us quickly, and we couldn’t be happier with our souvenir commemorating a trip to the beautiful city. If you are considering this photoshoot for any occasion, I would recommend going for it!”

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